Burn survivor, Kelly Falardeau, recently launched her personal documentary, “Still Beautiful” which illustrates to others that you don’t have to be a “beauty queen” to be beautiful.  As a result, it spawned the successful Still Beautiful Movement for women.
The documentary chronicles her journey of getting burnt when she was two years old, and hating her reflection to loving what she saw.  She notes that we are a ‘talking mirror’.  She used to use the phrase, “Ugly Scarface Girl” to describe herself, but turned to positive affirmations which she found in turn affected her attitude.

The cost of these negative words that we speak over ourselves result in anxiety, judgment, rejection, the continual need for Botox to reverse aging, cosmetic surgeries, and spending large sums of money to fit an impossible image just to be beautiful.  Falardeau seeks to prove that we just need to change perspective of ourselves so that we begin to view ourselves as still beautiful.

A study concluded that 94% of teenaged girls and 64% of teenaged boys have been ashamed of their appearance.

Worldwide movements have been changing our perceptions of ourselves, and are helping women to be more accepting of the way we were created.

Falardeau has spoken internationally sharing her testimony and forcing people to examine how they view themselves.  She asks them to look at their perspective on beauty.  In the documentary, Falardeau says (while speaking to 3000 teens), “The mirror can’t talk. The mirror doesn’t have feelings or emotions, I was the enemy, not the mirror …”

Falardeau’s goal is to positively impact lives, to diminish body shaming, and to influence people to be healthier by mastering an acceptance of themselves.  More information can be found here on both the movie and the Still Beautiful Movement

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