When we are facing a situation, it is easy to get caught up in the natural end of it.  However, scripture warns us that our fight is not in the natural realm, but in the supernatural- where it is won.

“We war not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities…”  What does this mean?

supernaturalThis means that as a believer, you need to know how to engage in spiritual warfare.  However, it needs to be said that not every battle is one of spiritual warfare.  The Devil isn’t always responsible for every situation in your life- sometimes we just end up facing the consequences of our own bad decisions.  While God will help guide you through them, and restore what has been lost, but Satan is not the enemy that you would be engaging in battle with.  This is where many believers get off-track.

Some Christians revel in the spiritual warfare arena, and everything becomes this battle with Satan.  Spiritual warfare has it’s place, and it’s when Satan steals, kills, and destroys things in your life.  This is when we engage in spiritual warfare.  Otherwise, Satan is just getting too much credit!  Engaging in spiritual warfare activates the supernatural into our lives, but in order to activate the supernatural, we must be patient as well.

Ross Thompson discusses the importance of engaging in spiritual warfare, and how to implement it into your life.  He also discusses when to use it, and when not to use it.  Additionally, he instructs believers on how to discern whether a battle truly is a battle, or when circumstances are of our own making.

This feature on accessing the supernatural and more in our upcoming issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on September 26, 2018!


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