John 10:10 says, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.” and Satan seeks to attack believers in all areas of their lives.  Three of the most hit areas that he will try to take you out of are family (interfere with your marriage, and if that fails, go after your kids), prevent you from your calling (because then you will do major damage to Satan’s kingdom), and your finances.

If Satan really wants to hit you, he will go for the pocketbook.  Why?  Lack of money is one of the leading causes for strife within the home, and ultimately divorce.  It puts stress and strife into the home as a spouse or spouses try to provide for their families only to not have enough.  Endless calls from creditors, feeling like you are falling further into debt, and worrying about the future cripple couples, and add a burden to a marriage.  Additionally, if Satan can have a strangle hold over our income, it can limit how we blessed others.  Scripture says that we are blessed to be a blessing.  It means that our finances, our money, is not our own, but belongs to God and God will instruct us how to use it out of the abundance that He provides.  Lack prevents us from giving to others, and prevents God’s glory from shining through.

There is a misnomer that being poor is godly.  However, there is nothing glorifying about not having enough money to meet your needs.  In fact, lack is not even scriptural.

In our October issue, Tammy Croft will discuss the various ways that Satan attacks our finances, and how we can get them back… and then some (it’s scriptural!).  Tammy further discusses why Satan seeks to keep Christians in a state of lack.  Lack is not always a person’s fault, it can also be tied to a person’s destiny, and Tammy will explore this.  Moreover, she will discuss what can really happen when a righteous Christian obtains wealth, and how to grow godly character.

Learn how to go from lack to stability, from stability to success, and from success to significance.

Sound good?  Read our October issue coming out on our website on September 26!


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