You May Be In A Season Of Drought!

A drought in a person’s life is when you are going through a season wherein you almost feel oppressed in a certain area, but are not seeing a breakthrough on the horizon. You feel great opposition in a certain area, and are attempting to use your faith to achieve victory only to receive… nothing.

You’ve asked God what to do, or to reveal to you where in your life you’ve erred and hear… silence.

You pray on without ceasing pleading for God to deliver you from the storm. But it rages on. You ask God why this is happening, but hear nothing. No direction, no escape, and no out. Where is my breakthrough?

Your faith has been shaken because you feel as if you have done all you can do. No error has been revealed to you that you can repent on. You feel stuck. You aren’t hearing God’s sweet voice that will deliver you from your misery in this one area. You are starting to feel like you are living the life of Job.

“Where is God in all of this?” You start to wonder. “And if He can do all things, why can’t He deliver me from this? I really need a miracle!”

Why Is This Happening? Why Is There No Breakthrough?

You are going through a season of testing, more than likely. A drought (which is what this is) is walking through a season wherein you have not done anything wrong, but God is refining your character. It is an opportunity to sharpen your faith, and yet it the most difficult thing to maintained when you feel so squeezed.

I Feel Like God Has Abandoned Me!

So have many others, but scripture tells us that He will never leave nor forsake you. In these times it is challenging to feel like God is there, because you can’t rationalize why a good and gracious God would allow this in your life. It doesn’t seem fair.

So What Do I Do?

Diana Ashworth goes further into detail as to what a drought looks like in a person’s life, and explores why they are going through it. She gives you insight as to why you may be in the position that you are in, and what you can do to get out into your victory.

Diana discusses why believers go through these seasons, and how to maintain your faith while experiencing the most trying time in your life. Furthermore, she emphasizes how to stay connected to God when it feels like He has abandoned you, and still feel His abundant love through it all.

This article will encourage you to maintain your faith when it feels like all hope is lost. It will also teach you how to regain your faith if you feel like you’ve been walking in the wilderness too long, and are about to lose hope.

This feature and more in our next issue on Love… But Not How You May Think coming out on April 26, 2019

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