There may be a reason that Your are “stuck” or Not progressing, and the answer is your confession?

What are you thinking, and what are you confessing over your present situation? We can ask others to pray over us, and stand in agreement believing for a miracle. Yet if our mouths speaks negatively, we can prolong what we are waiting for.


Talking it out versus negative confession

There are those who will tell you that even talking to someone about how you feel is a negative confession. They will inform you that negative confessions in any form will cancel out God’s blessings over your life.

But what if you just really need someone to listen?

This line of thinking negates the need to fellowship with others. It also doesn’t allow us to be real or vulnerable with people that we are closest to. If all we every tell others is that everything is great, it doesn’t open up a dialogue, and we can become ineffectual.

The reality is that life isn’t always great. Sometimes it’s messy, challenging, and intolerable. Why should’t we be able to have an honest dialogue with another believer, open up, and say that we are struggling in an area without it being deemed as a negative confession.

In reality, it’s an open dialogue. You are asking for help/prayer, and sharing what you are going through. It’s not a negative confession, you are just being real.

Sometimes in the process, God can speak through a person and offer words of wisdom. Other times, your friend can share their past experiences with you and give you insight as to what to do. Besides, we are often never alone in what we face. Sometimes the advice and words of encouragement are enough to either help us, encourage us, or strengthen us.

Nothing wrong with that!

But there is a flip-side to the entire argument. The fact that in our waiting, sometimes we become impatient. In our frustration, we can utter words that will counter what we’ve been praying for. This is our negative confession.

Examples of this would include phrases such as:

  • I’ll always be poor, a nothing, stupid, inept, etc.
  • God’s not interested in helping me/God won’t help me.
  • I’ll be in this situation forever.
  • Nothing is getting any better in my life.
  • Life sucks.
  • I will never get what I want/It just won’t happen.
  • Why try?
  • Prayer doesn’t work.

Andrea Marino discusses how both our thinking, and our speech affects our reality. The phrase, “stinking thinking” can really keep you in a dark place if you let it. Why? Because you are too negatively focused on your circumstances to see what God is doing. Often in these times we simply miss it because we aren’t looking for the miracle. We are too focused on the problem.

Andrea will also discuss how negative confessions can negate what we are believing for, and what constitutes a negative confession over just talking.

There is a way out of every situation you face. Life’s challenges are only around for a season- not forever. Let us take you into the victory that you deserve!

Our next issue comes out on July 26, 2019!

Be Blessed Always!

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