Here is How You Can Tell!

Christianity isn’t just something that we do on Sundays, but a way of living daily.  You cannot just be a “pew warmer”, and not apply what the Word of God says in your everyday life.  That does not make you a Christian!

A Christian, by definition, is a fully-devoted follower of Christ- a disciple.  God commands us to love Him with our entire mind, body, heart and soul.  Basically, with all of our being.  Anything less is unacceptable to God.

There are too many people that just hear the message, but leave it at church thereby separating out church from daily living.  The Bible IS our instruction for how to live life- daily.  In it, are all of the answers to every challenge we may face.  All you have to do is listen to the message, and read what God says in order to receive revelation.

If You Don’t?

Well, simply put, you won’t grow in your faith.  You will remain part of the world, for the most part, and never walk in the victory that God had intended for you.  Sure, you may be saved, but why wouldn’t you want God’s rewards in Heaven?  The world will pass away- we are here for a season.  Eternity is forever.

So How Can You Tell If You Are A Sunday Christian Or A Disciple?

Chris Benton discusses that very topic!  In his article, Chris contrasts the Sunday Christian versus the disciple, and how to distinguish the difference.  He also discusses “lukewarm” Christianity as well, and the downfalls of not being on fire for Christ, and being sold out.

So what do you want your life to be?  Victorious or just okay?

Learn more about this subject in our March issue of Faith Filled Family coming out on February 27, 2017!

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