Occult practices have now been so widely publicized by media, that many have become desensitized to it.  Worse yet, many Christians do not know that they are not to engage in occult activity- or what even constitutes occult activity.
We dismiss our actions as, “just for fun”, “I don’t really believe in that stuff”, or “I was just curious”.  Yet they wander unaware as to what dangers they just put themselves in spiritually.
They watch horror movies, and wonder why there is activity in their house.  They dismiss it as either the movie, or “just my imagination”.  Yet they have invited evil into a place that should be peaceful.
This type of thinking and deception angers two international ministers: John Ramirez and Dr. Shane Wall, and they have decided to develop a Supernatural Boot Camp for believers.
John Ramirez was a former high priest in satanic worship.  Devil worship stemmed back generationally in his family.  He gave his life to Christ after a startling revelation of what hell was in a vision, and once the deception of Satan was revealed.  The only entity that saved him from Satan killing him as he slept that night, was Jesus.
John Ramirez is the #1 bestselling author of Unmasking the Devil.  He has partnered with Dr. Shane Wall who is a pastor, international speaker, and #1 bestselling author of The Supernatural Guide to Understanding Angels.
Background information both men are outlined in the interview with Sid Roth listed below:
Dr. Shane Wall

John Ramirez

Supernatural Boot Camp will train Christians how to effectively take an aggressive stance in defeating Satan and his kingdom.
Supernatural Boot Camp is a 1-day event in select cities across the globe.  It is designed to train and equip believers to walk in the power of God and cancel demonic operations in their lives.
“Supernatural training is much needed, globally. John and I receive hundreds of calls, emails, posts and the like from people who are desperately seeking understanding of the supernatural,” Shane Wall stated emphatically.
Believers will be trained through day sessions and Q&A evening sessions as to how to fully operate in spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit.
The first Supernatural Boot Camp is in Atlanta on October 22, 2016.  Attendees can locate a boot camp in their area and register online at www.shanewall.com for a modest donation.

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