This album is a major comeback album for Switchfoot’s indie style return. Switchfoot has been a multi-platinum selling band for many years, and Where The Light Shines Through is their tenth album. They have been majorly successful, and two decades after their beginning they released this album with Vanguard Records and Capitol Christian Music Group. I am excited to see where this album will take them next. Enjoy!!
Songs on Album:
Holy Water: Holy Water is the first song on this Switchfoot album. This song is a very modern contemporary twist with a great message. This song is about making a change and being washed by the Holy Water of Christ. It is the perfect opening for this album and reminds us of hope.
Float: The beginning of this song had me dancing immediately. The backbeat of this song is a great contemporary worship song. The message of the song Float is flying high with complete satisfaction ignoring the rest of the world while worshiping Christ.
Where The Light Shines Through: The opening to this song will have you swaying in your seat. “The wound is where the light shines through.” The message of this song, and theme for the album is a great message for all generations to hear. It is reminding us that during the difficult times and the good times, our faith and God will always be there to bring you back to the place you need to be.
I Won’t Let You Go: The album slows back down with this song, and is one of my personal favorites. The words in this song are extremely powerful and remind us that if we let our guards down and let God take control he will never let us down or let us go. (Isaiah 41:10)
If The House Burns Down Tonight: The album picks back up with this song, and speaks volumes of how important faith is. “Let the rest burn.” Materialistic items are temporary, but God is forever. Switchfoot did an excellent job reaching the audience with a hopeful song and restoring faithfulness.
The Day That I Found God: “ The day I lost myself, is the day that I found God.” It is easy to get lost in today’s world and our wants rather than our needs. When we try to live our lives the way we want and get wrapped up in things that cause us to stray away from the word, God always manages to come back if we invite him and restore any mistakes made. Switchfoot nailed this song, and I know it will be a hit!
Shake This Feeling: This is a song about healing. Sometimes when we are broken down or feeling alone it is hard to shake that feeling. This gentle song reminds us to use God as the main point to get back to where we need to be.
Bull In A China Shop: At first, I was very curious as to what this song would be about from the title. Within the first few minutes I picked it up and the background behind this song is genius. “What are you waiting for the future’s here.” This song is about perseverance and acting now.
Live It Well:  “Life is short, I want to live it well.” This is another one of my personal favorites on the album. It is about our individual lifelong song praising God and how we are living for more than just our lives on this Earth. It is a reminder to live for Christ, and to share his word and love with the voices we are given. One voice can make a difference.
Looking For America: This song features both Switchfoot and Lecrae. I really enjoyed having a song like this on the album because it really speaks to the younger generation and current issues we are having as Americans. “America who are you? Is God still on your side?” This is the perfect song for our current society and reminds us why we can and should rise above the fear and seek out God.
Healer of Souls: This song picks back up with positive vibes and a great message.
“I want more than just a crutch to lean on
Yeah I’m looking for that freedom
So let’s go there
To the healer of souls.”
This song is a great worship song speaking volumes of how living a life without God is not satisfying to the soul. The backbeats and drums to this song will have you rocking out with a full heart.
Hope Is The Anthem: Hope Is The Anthem is the final song on this album and is a great closing. This song is perfect for worshiping alone or with crowds of people. I could say a lot about this song and how powerful it can be but the lyrics truly speak for themselves.
“My heartbeat, my oxygen
My banner, my home
My freedom, my song
Your hope is the anthem of my soul.”
Great closing for a great album.
I have always enjoyed songs by Switchfoot, and of course they do not disappoint on this album. The music, lyrics, and messages are perfect for everyday worship and leave you feeling refreshed. The messages truly connect with the word, and I would recommend this album to anyone.
Overall, I was very pleased with this album and the meanings behind each song. The only negative comment that I have is that some messages were not as clear as others, making it a little difficult to get the full experience. However, once you continue to listen to the lyrics it becomes much easier to understand and the messages become very meaningful.

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