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War And Peace: Winning The Homework Battles

A new school year has started. 6 words that strike a sense of panic in the hearts of the most hardened warriors (also known as parents).  The carefree days of summer are gone, replaced by early morning skirmishes (why are children so opposed to waking up?), breakfast mission impossible (why must the last drop of…

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How Do Parents Protect Their Children From The Occult?

As Christian parents, we try to raise our kids to honour the Lord, and follow the Bible.  Scripture is very specific regarding occult activity– which, if you think about it, is a perversion of God’s design for the gifts of the spirit.  Then again, what else does Satan do but pervert God’s design? While many…

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Why Does Time For Ourselves Evoke Guilty Feelings?


Saturday Morning. What do these 2 words evoke for you? An extra hour of sleep? Leisurely breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon? Break time from the weekly hustle and bustle? Saturday Morning for most parents means something else. It means a head start to get all the errands and chores and shopping done so that we can…

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Take A Big Breath Book Reduces Childhood Anxiety

Take A Big Breath

Take A Big Breath (20 Relaxation Exercises for Kids) is a wonderful book to teach children how to cope with anxiety.  Anxiety plagues our children in many ways from test taking, making friends, to pressures to conform.  With children facing more pressures than previous generations and feeling the stress of it, sometimes parents are often…

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