Chivalry: Does It Still Exist In Men, Today?

Women’s Liberation Movement Attributed To Quashing Men Desire To Show Chivalry

True or false, men?  Many men have reported becoming frustrated because they feel as if they are expected to be a gentleman (opening doors, paying for meals, treating a lady like a woman), but many women simply want nothing to do with that type of behaviour.  Many women pride themselves on the women’s liberation movement like it were a badge of honour.  Some ladies have reportedly become very “snappy” in her response when a man holds open a door for her- “I can do that myself.  I’m not the weaker sex.  I can do anything you can do.”

But advocates of the Women’s Liberation… Are you missing out to some extent?

Women's LiberationWhat ladies miss is that chivalry isn’t about being the weaker sex, being incapable of doing things, or gender equality.  It’s simply about a man respecting you enough to treat you like a lady- like you have worth.

It’s not like the romance industry is loosing money from women over the decades.  In fact, it’s flourishing.  What women does not want to watch a good romance every now and then?  Women don’t admire the men who act like jerks in the movie, they admire the gentleman.  So why aren’t we allowing men to be chivalrous?  Why aren’t we allowing our men to be gentlemen?  Why aren’t we teaching our sons to show chivalry?  As women, aren’t we worthy of respect from a man?

Why Should A Gentleman Win Out With Chivalry Every Time?

Donald Ford discusses how men really should treat women/their wives- women’s liberation movement or not- and brings the entire topic back to the Bible.  He will discuss why the way women think that they want to be treated according to this movement will never be truly satisfied, and the trouble the marriage receives as a result.  The article is not about women being unequal to men, or not strong, but rather allowing men to step up and be… well, MEN!

Just as women want to be treated with respect, admiration, and be cherished, so, too, do men want to be allowed to be men.  They want to treat you like the queen that you are… if we will let them.  Chivalry shouldn’t be dead, but a quality that women cherish in a man.

This article will change your way of thinking- it may infuriate a few- but if you are honest, you will see it as God’s truth.  This article and more coming out in our March issue on February 26th.


Priceless Movie Challenges Common Perceptions of Human Value

Priceless Movie is produced by Joel and Luke Smallbone from for King & Country.  It is a very raw, yet touching portrayal of human trafficking, and explores all sides of the issue.  At the core, the producers want to convey the message that every woman’s worth is priceless, and that women- no matter who you are, or what you have done- have value.  Especially in God’s eyes.
The movie opens with James who is distraught with the loss of his wife.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, he hasn’t been able to hold a job, or earn enough money to support his young daughter.  The end result is that she is taken away to live with her grandmother.  James can only speak with her with the permission of her aunt.
When an opportunity arises to haul cargo, James takes it- he is desperate to make money.  However, he accepts this job as a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of an arrangement.  James agrees to it- as long as it doesn’t involve drugs.  Yet what he doesn’t count on, is that the “cargo” is actually two young girls- both sisters- who are needing to pay off their father’s debt.  They think that it is by waitressing, or something similar.  What they don’t know, is that they have been sold into prostitution with no way of escape.
James doesn’t know what to do, so he continues on with the girls, but he doesn’t let them ride in the back.  He clothes them, and treats them the way they should be treated.  What James does not do, is notify the police.  Things get really serious, really fast when his boss catches up with him and takes the girls.
Will James, who does not believe in God and is in so much personal angst, end up doing the right thing?  Does he believe their worth is priceless?


The movie is extremely powerful in it’s message, and explores the concept of human trafficking from all aspects.  This attention to detail makes it very real, yet very raw.  Viewers will become involved and engaged with the characters, and will have their eyes “wide open” about an issue that is not always talked about- yet should be.
This issue is very real, and will bring the message home that life-all life- is precious and should never be used, thrown away, or abused.  In the eyes of Christ, we are His children, we have worth despite what we may think about ourselves.  This transcends what we may have been told, heard about ourselves, or believed through society.
There are many references to God, and His unfailing love.


This is definitely not a family movie!  Due to its nature, I would say that it is for mature audiences.
While there is no nudity or profanity, due to the nature of the movie, there is the suggestion of sexual relations outside of marriage.  In one scene, the hotel owner asks James if he wants to have “a little fun” while he’s in town.  The hotel rents by the hour.
In this movie there is a bar scene where James talks with a hotel manager that can help him.  There are scenes involving alcohol and drugs used for coercion.  Numerous scenes involving guns, and there is a scene showing Antonia with bruises after she is beaten, but she being beaten is not shown.


While there are many cons, you could not portray this subject matter any other way, nor could you get the message out that human (women) life is priceless.  Women are to be cherished, and this movie portrays the often overlooked under belly of the sex trafficking issue.  It sheds light on an area that is often ignored.  Many of us think of prostitution in terms of a choice, but for many women, they are indeed mislead.  Even if it is entered into by choice or circumstance, it is very difficult to leave.  This movie portrays quite accurately what goes on in reality, and exposes the thought process behind these actions.
It also exposes a train of thinking that is difficult to ignore- that many men and society as a whole objectify women.  When men engage in this type of behavior, they take away a woman’s value and make her into merely an object used for their own amusement or satisfaction.  This is not how God created women, nor how He wants people to treat His daughters whether they are in Christ or not.  All of God’s children have worth and should be valued.  Yet it is our thought process that often determines both our worth, what we allow, and how others treat us.
This movie will cause people to examine what they say (locker room talk), and how they treat women.  It is the producer’s desire to see men rise up and be chivalrous.  Men should, according to the Bible, respect, cherish and protect women.  What would your actions say to our Creator?
I would recommend this movie highly- to adults.  It will change your perspective and open your eyes.