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Spending Enough Quality Time With God, Lately?


Spending time with God means more than just reading your Bible each day.  It is about being in an active relationship with Him- talking to Him, praying to Him, waiting on Him, surrendering to Him, and meditating on His Word, daily.  It is about being in His presence, and allowing Him to guide your path.…

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Have You Ever Wondered “God, Why Am I Here?”

Book, Intentional Christian: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, Addresses The Question Of What Should I Be Doing With My Life At an early age, we are conditioned to map out exactly what we want to do with our lives.  The question of, “What career should I pursue?” always looms in…

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God’s Plan And Purpose For A Special Needs Child Are Not Limited

When their child is born, most parents pray that there are no physical deformities.  They have dreams, plans, hopes and aspirations for that child. Special needs children often aren’t diagnosed until they are over eighteen months old.  A child not meeting their milestones, or there being a delay, often triggers further investigation and testing.  Parents…

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Destiny Empowerment Seminar Equips Believers to Walk in Calling

The Destiny Empowerment Seminar is the nation’s leading Christian conference for those looking to rediscover their passion and purpose, and step into their God-given calling. Participants are challenged to take a chance and stop reflecting about what they should be doing, and actively do it.  It is a seminar for those who feel stuck or…

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Should Lack Really Disqualify You From Your Purpose in Life

If you answered no, then why are you letting lack determine your altitude? Should a lack of education, lack of finances, lack of social status, lack of opportunity, lack of proper upbringing, lack of good environment, perceived lack of ability prevent you from God’s calling on your life? The only common denominator in that sentence…

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