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Could You Suffer From Demonic Oppression And Not Know It?

The Exorcist made America very familiar with demonic possession.  But what about demonic oppression?  What is the difference?  Demonic possession is basically a person being possessed by a demon.  We see many stories of this when we read about Jesus casting out demons in the New Testament.  In demonic possession, we see individuals tearing at…

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Should We Be Accepting Of Nightmares As Normal?

How much confusion surrounds our dreams, and their interpretation?  As a society, we have accepted nightmares and night terrors (when your child wakes up screaming in the night from a bad dream) as normal.  We dismiss it as “they/I simply had a nightmare/bad dream”.  But did we really?  Should we really be dismissive about bad…

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Motion M-103 May Extinguish Canadians Right To Freedom of Expression

Motion M-103 began as an innocuous way of eliminating islamophobia in Canada.  It was designed to end systemic racism and religious discrimination.  However, this is further from the truth or its implications. The bill suggests that Muslims are being uniquely targeted for discrimination, however, there is no strong evidence to support this theory.  Research indicates…

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