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Surrendering To God Makes Life Easy- Here’s Why

Can you say that you trust in God?  Would you say that you would fully “entrust your life to Him”?  When you talk to Him, are you vulnerable, honest, transparent, and do you surrender yourself completely to Him?  Most of us find trust a difficult thing- not only because it involves the characteristics listed above,…

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Trials After Prophetic Word? Did I Hear From God?

New Years’ are a great time for new beginnings and going to new levels in Christ.  Many of us had a word spoken over our lives, and can’t wait for it to manifest!  Sometimes, the manifestation happens quickly and we rejoice.  However, more often than not, we endure some type of hardship or trial making…

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Spirit of Discernment, Wisdom, Or Is it Just Me?

What is in Operation, and How What Does God Want Me to Do? We have heard of a spirit of discernment and a spirit of wisdom, but many Christians confuse the two.  A spirit of discernment is able to discern which spirit is in operation in a person: is is godly, demonic, or just the…

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Have You Ever Wondered “God, Why Am I Here?”

Book, Intentional Christian: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do, Addresses The Question Of What Should I Be Doing With My Life At an early age, we are conditioned to map out exactly what we want to do with our lives.  The question of, “What career should I pursue?” always looms in…

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