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Closer To God: Does Your Relationship Need Improvement?


Is your life completely surrendered to God?  Do you yearn to be closer to Him– a type of dependancy?  Do you hear God’s voice in your daily life?  Could things be better? When things are going well, it’s easy to put God aside in our day, as we either consciously or unconsciously feel that we…

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Do You Know The Difference Between Grace And Mercy?

Do you know what the difference is?  Most people use these words interchangeably, but they mean two different things when it comes to God.  Grace is God’s unmerited favour in our lives, while mercy is God’s compassion for His children.  They are two separate facets, yet they work interchangeably. God gives His children grace not…

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God Is Love And Nothing Can Separate You From His Love

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, God leaves us with two commandments: to love God with our entire soul, mind, body and spirit, and to love one another.  Love is mentioned to cover a multitude of sins.  Why?  Because when we walk in love, we have compassion- not judgement- over others.  We can see others without…

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