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Suicide: What Causes Christians To Take Their Own Life?

Suicide… What leads people to take their own life?  There are no easy, nor definitive answers to this topic.  There is no formula to why people decide to take their own life as we cannot possibly know what thoughts go on in a person’s head at any given moment. Some people commit suicide who appear…

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Why King Solomon Was Wise to Ask God For Wisdom

And Why You Should As Well! Have you ever wondered why God rewarded King Solomon for requesting wisdom and why he prospered?  Furthermore, do we fully understand the function of God’s wisdom in our lives, and the importance of seeking it? Wisdom boils down to one simple thought: If you knew that someone had all…

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Author Rhonda Stoppe Provides Helpful Tips on Successful Marriage

Author and speaker, Rhonda Stoppe is dedicated to helping women live a “no regrets” life.  Rhonda has 20 years experience as a mom, mentor, and pastor’s wife. Rhonda’s expertise is in helping people: Discover significance in God and His plan for your life. Connecting biblical principles to daily decisions. Developing a loving marriage that others…

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Prayers Break Addiction Bondages and Restore Families

In previous years, addictions mean that an individual was in bondage to gambling, drugs, or alcohol.  Today, it is anything that a person does to excess that interferes with proper balance of life.  For example, while many men feel the strong need to provide financially for their family.  However, some work to excess with the…

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