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Financial Frustration Placing Stress In Your Marriage?


Fight Financial Frustration with the Enemy- Not with Each Other! Lack of finances can be a huge stressor in a marriage.  Whether it is due to a job loss, disability, debt or other factors, the daily financial burden can be overwhelming for couples that are struggling to pay the bills, much less put food on…

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Tithe Or Eat: What To Do If There Isn’t Enough

bread 2542308 640 - Tithe Or Eat:  What To Do If There Isn't Enough

We are taught to tithe- to give God 10% of what we earn, or our first-fruits as instructed in Malachi.  However, what do you do when there just doesn’t seem to be enough money to pay bills, eat and tithe?  Do you forgo the tithe, or believe in faith? It is a difficult situation to…

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Does Your Belief Align With God’s Truth About Money?

credit squeeze 522549 640 - Does Your Belief Align With God's Truth About Money?

Money… we all need it just to survive.  That’s just simply a reality.  Yet there are varying beliefs in this area; most of which do not resemble scripture. Belief #1: “Money is evil.  All it leads to is corruption.” Most people who fall into this category generally fall prey to the misquote from the Bible…

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