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War And Peace: Winning The Homework Battles

A new school year has started. 6 words that strike a sense of panic in the hearts of the most hardened warriors (also known as parents).  The carefree days of summer are gone, replaced by early morning skirmishes (why are children so opposed to waking up?), breakfast mission impossible (why must the last drop of…

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Hectic Schedule Make You Feel Like You Are Doing A Balancing Act?

marriage, hectic schedule

Does your hectic schedule sometimes feel like you are performing in a circus? Perhaps juggling work, family and home? Struggling to find that balance like walking on a precarious tightrope? Life can be tricky sometimes, and if we aren’t careful, the most important things (particularly relationships and church life) end up suffering the most.  No…

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Teaching Your Children How To Take Authority Over Demons

The sequel to whether an imaginary friend can be a demon.  It will restore peace in your house and teach your children how to take authority over every situation. Originally published in our October 2016 issue. By: Anonymous I wasn’t prepared to discuss the topics of authority to a pre-school child, and yet peculiarly, I…

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