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Taking the High Road is Never Easy, But It Pays Dividends

Taking the High road

Examine Your Heart- Are You Submitted to Do What is Right in God’s Eyes?  Will You be Taking the High Road? I marvel  at the story of David and his humbleness to authority.  It is a uniquely rare characteristic that he displays regarding how he treats King Saul, yet shows remarkable strength in character.  David…

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Top 50 Countries With Highest Christian Persecution

LifetimeStock 239727 S - Top 50 Countries With Highest Christian Persecution

For the sixteenth consecutive year, North Korea has toped Open Doors USA‘s list of the fifty countries ranked for the worst persecution of Christians in the world. Coming in at a close second is Afghanistan which increased by one place since the previous year.  It should be noted that all of these countries that made…

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What Does Your Life Reveal About Your Walk With Jesus?

autumn 1874030 640 - What Does Your Life Reveal About Your Walk With Jesus?

Applying the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) To Daily Living Christianity, in its true sense, is not about just attending church on Sundays, holidays, births, and funerals.  Being a “follower of Christ” is a way of living, and the rules in which we govern our behavior and thoughts are outlined in the Bible. Scripture…

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God Sees Your Tears And Exchanges Them For Victory

Tomorrow, Faith Filled Family Magazine will celebrate its six year anniversary!  We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off another glorious year than to post our November issue! 🙂 We all face moments of discouragement in life, and it is how we handle them both emotionally and spiritually that determines our outcome, whether…

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Christianity In Iran Jumps From 100,000 to 3 Million In A Decade

In 1994, 100,000 believers were recorded as residing in Iran.  Now, there are a reported three million. Traditionally, Iran is the last place that most people associate with revival and Christian.  Most of us envision blindfolded hostages, terrorist attacks, violence, and radicalism.  Yet, there is another side of Iran that never sees any publicity- Iranians…

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