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Spending Enough Quality Time With God, Lately?


Spending time with God means more than just reading your Bible each day.  It is about being in an active relationship with Him- talking to Him, praying to Him, waiting on Him, surrendering to Him, and meditating on His Word, daily.  It is about being in His presence, and allowing Him to guide your path.…

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Surrendering To God Makes Life Easy- Here’s Why

Can you say that you trust in God?  Would you say that you would fully “entrust your life to Him”?  When you talk to Him, are you vulnerable, honest, transparent, and do you surrender yourself completely to Him?  Most of us find trust a difficult thing- not only because it involves the characteristics listed above,…

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529 Homeschool Bill Cut May Not Be A Bad Thing

The overhaul of the tax system passed previous to Christmas experienced an unanticipated snag hours after House lawmakers finished celebrating their historic vote.  Several items went out of Senate procedural rules which required them to be pulled from the bill prior to final approval- one of which affected homeschool families. Under the bill, 529 educational…

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