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Prayer Removed From Grads After Atheist Group Complains


A school district in Massachusetts announced that it will no longer permit public prayer at high school graduations after a large atheist organization placed pressure on them. The Freedom from Religion Foundation posted the letter from the Massachusetts school district promising that they will no longer allow public prayer at graduation and other public events.…

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Kirk Cameron Joins Rep Mike Johnson In Freedom Student Summit


Yesterday, Christian Hollywood actor, Kirk Cameron, took a stand against a Louisiana school district that is trying to abolish prayer in the city’s public schools. Kirk Cameron joined efforts with United States Representative, Mike Johnson (R-LA), in an effort to encourage students and parents to attend the “Freedom Student Summit” which was scheduled to take…

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Continually Passed Up For Promotion? Why?

It is easier to accept why we are overlooked for promotion when we feel that it was fair.  Things such as the other person having seniority, being better qualified, more experience, etc make staying at the same level more palatable.  However, being passed up when you are more than qualified, deserving, hard-working, and ethical to…

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Why Should You Be Mindful Of Who Prays Over You?

“Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.” Leviticus 26:8 Scripture tells us of the importance of the power of agreement in prayer.  Whether it is for healing, major decisions, or answer to unanswered prayer, people will…

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Did You Know That God’s Grace Does Have An End?

Living in Habitual Sin Affects The Grace of God Yes, there is an end to God’s grace.  While God is very patient, and very loving towards His children, He also judges by the heart.  He will bring areas that we need to change to our awareness.  Once we are aware, we are now responsible for…

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