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Resurrection Is More Than Salvation: April 2018 Released

When some churches speak of the resurrection of Christ, they stop at salvation.  Yet, Jesus accomplished more than just eternal salvation by dying on the cross- He gave us: authority over Satan, and over the powers/principalities victory over death (eternal salvation, raising the dead) victory over sickness/disease (we are healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually in…

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Before Resurrection, Where Did Believers Go To Spend Eternity?

Jesus’ death and resurrection assured us of our salvation in Heaven.  In short, we know that when we die, our spirits will spend an eternity with God in Heaven and that the only thing we lose is our physical body.  However, many people wonder what happened to those who died before Jesus’ death and resurrection?…

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Unrepentant Sin: What Happens Before We Enter Heaven?

The Age-Old Question: If God can’t be in the Presence of Sin, What Happens When we Die? This question has been the source of much debate.  We know that God cannot be in the presence of unrepentant sin– that is why the blood of Jesus washes us clean, and that is how despite our unrepentant…

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Jesus’ Resurrection May Mean More Than You Know…

We know that Jesus Christ died on the cross in order that both prophesy would be fulfilled, and because God had preordained it.  However, there are those who wonder if God’s purpose to reconcile His children to Him could have been accomplished without the death and resurrection of Jesus.  What would have happened to all…

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Resurrection: When Was The Last Time You Thanked God?


As Easter is quickly approaching,  Faith Filled Family wanted to look at the importance of the resurrection of Christ as it is a topic that many of us either take for granted, or are unsure of the full significance of the event itself. Why is the Resurrection so Important? Christ’s resurrection isn’t just about Jesus…

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