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Defeat Remedy: Calling Out To God In Times Of Despair


There is a misnomer (for some) that when you become a Christian, life becomes easier.  However, God never said that our life as a Christian would be easy- in fact He said that we would suffer trials, temptation, and persecution for His name’s sake.  He said that we would face challenges, and no one said…

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God Sees Your Tears And Exchanges Them For Victory

Tomorrow, Faith Filled Family Magazine will celebrate its six year anniversary!  We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off another glorious year than to post our November issue! 🙂 We all face moments of discouragement in life, and it is how we handle them both emotionally and spiritually that determines our outcome, whether…

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Solution to Stress Made Simple With Long-Lasting Results

Additionally, the Health Benefits will Amaze You! Prolonged exposure to stress has negative effects on the body.  Symptoms range from being tired, to physical ailments such as nausea, muscle aches, heart disease, anxiety, etc.  During times of stress, we often feel like we are in a “fight to survive”.  We don’t want to feel the…

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