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Continually Passed Up For Promotion? Why?

LifetimeStock 177656 L 1024x683 - Continually Passed Up For Promotion?  Why?

It is easier to accept why we are overlooked for promotion when we feel that it was fair.  Things such as the other person having seniority, being better qualified, more experience, etc make staying at the same level more palatable.  However, being passed up when you are more than qualified, deserving, hard-working, and ethical to…

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Why Settling In Life Can Stop God’s Blessing


Most of us, when we were young at least, had a drive to be successful.  We were fuelled with a burning passion to make a difference around us, and in our world.  Yet as we got older, got married, started a family, that desire often diminished and was replaced with a “good enough” mentality.  In…

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The Gap: Where Do Leaders Fail? 8 Tools to Leadership Success


Knowing the landscape of what becomes well-rounded leadership is only half the battle.  In most cases, we fight ourselves and our cultural upbringing along the way.  As a result, there can be gaps, or chinks in our armor.  Our backgrounds and experiences can help or hinder in our abilities to lead others.  Have you ever…

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Accountability Vacuum: Who’s Responsibility Is It, Really?

ID 100417554 - Accountability Vacuum: Who's Responsibility Is It, Really?

I have seen that one of the causes of frustration in the workplace is the hopelessness of co-workers trying hold each other accountable. A Workplace Accountability Study reported in revealed that 82% of respondents have no ability to hold others accountable, but 91% of people rank accountability as one of the top development needs…

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Should Lack Really Disqualify You From Your Purpose in Life

If you answered no, then why are you letting lack determine your altitude? Should a lack of education, lack of finances, lack of social status, lack of opportunity, lack of proper upbringing, lack of good environment, perceived lack of ability prevent you from God’s calling on your life? The only common denominator in that sentence…

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