Take A Big Breath (20 Relaxation Exercises for Kids) is a wonderful book to teach children how to cope with anxiety.  Anxiety plagues our children in many ways from test taking, making friends, to pressures to conform.  With children facing more pressures than previous generations and feeling the stress of it, sometimes parents are often at a loss as to how to deal with it.

Take A Big BreathTake A Big Breath isn’t about traditional methods of dealing with anxiety.  The author, Shauna Gallagher, incorporates not only breathing techniques designed to have a calming effect, but also incorporates scripture and things for your child to focus on.  For example, one exercise is getting your child to recite what they are thankful for (1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18).  It takes the focus off of negative circumstances, and brings the thoughts into positive things around them.  It enables the child to have a positive view of the world around them and that there are things to be grateful for instead of focus on what creates anxiety.

Another chapter is “Things I Can Do” which empowers the child who may have low self-esteem.  It makes them feel more powerful, and in control over their world thereby decreasing anxiety in children who feel lost.  Coupled with, “God Can Make You Brave” allows children to take control of their situation through God who gives us strength.  The exercises themselves teach the children to relax, and turns their focus off of negativity, and helps them to develop godly thought patterns. It is refreshing to see a book that not only teaches children how to relax physically, but turns their attention and focus to God.  God becomes the source of their joy, their happiness, and their strength.  It empowers children to feel the way God designed them: as victors.

Positives:  Take A Big Breath has beautiful illustrations, and is easy to incorporate with your child.  It guides the parents with questions to ask their children to shift their focus onto godly things.  It beautifully empowers children in conquering their fears, and teaches them to be thankful.  Children learn how to be thankful through prayer, song, and worship.  It is easy to see how anxiety can be diminished, and how children can be set up for long-term success by just incorporating 20 simple techniques into their daily life.

These techniques set children up for success as an adult as these techniques translate well into adulthood.  Taught at a young age, these through patterns become ingrained which set young children up for a reduces stress level as an adult.  They become more able to cope, and better adjusted.

Negatives:  There aren’t any.  The book is easy to use, and empowers children.  It is easy to see why these techniques would have long-lasting effects and are effective when taught to children.  All techniques line up with scripture, and take everything back to God.  God is glorified throughout the book.  Nothing is more beautiful than that!

I would highly recommend this book- not just for children dealing with extreme anxiety, but for every child as the lessons taught are so important, and translate easily into adulthood.  Many of these techniques adults could and should use! *lol*  Parents will enjoy the ease of use that Take A Big Breath offers, and children will enjoy the calming effect.  Children will learn that they are special, and the value of a close relationship with God.  Learning the God is their strength, source of peace, and a dependancy on Him, are characteristics that every child needs to know.  It sets them up for future success.

To purchase your copy, please visit: www.shaunagallagherauthor.com

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