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Singer-Song Writer Tanya Godsey

‘Love Lines the Last Horizon’, Tanya Godsey
Award winning singer, songwriter and speaker, Tanya Godsey, independently releases her third full-length album, Loves Lines the Last Horizon, on September 30th. From beginning to end the album invites listeners to leave a life of comfort, and jump into the wild call to follow after God, and love Him with their lives.
The album incites listeners to contemplate the call of Christ. Songs encourage listeners to step out in obedience, yet shares brutal honesty about the struggles that can occur. Between Tanya’s spiritually rich lyrics, poetic and deep concepts, and fervid vocals, this is an album worth listening to. Hop on over to iTunes and download her album today!
Song Selections:
Wild Heart
The free, ambient tones in this number heavily reflect the song’s underlying message of an unrestrained love being poured out on the world by our Father. This song explores the depths of God’s love on all people, both the guilty and the justified. Love is the language in our Father’s world—running wild and free for us to receive and live by.
All Things Right
Sadness. Death. Loneliness. Suffering. All of these things plague our world day in and day out. This song brings a beautiful reminder that one day, God will come and restore all things. On that day, all of our emptiness will become fullness in light of His glory. Our fears will be relinquished and our long awaited hope will be standing right before us. How we await the day when love comes to make all things right!
Based on Psalm 130:6, this song compares waiting on the Lord to watchmen waiting for the morning. In the days of old, a watchman was in charge of guarding a city from enemy attacks or intruders (Isaiah 26:2, Jeremiah 51:12). A night watchman had to be even more attentive because there was no light to illuminate activity. Morning light brought a sense of comfort to these men because it marked the end of their shift and meant rest was coming. Tanya compares this waiting on the morning to waiting on God when times are dark and full of unknowns. This song declares that even in the darkest times, we can reach for His mighty hand instead of understanding.
We Are Your Song
“We Are Your Song” has a very catchy beginning that draws you into the melody. Before you know it, you’re humming right along! This song is a call to ALL of creation to embrace what we were created to be, glorify God by marching to the beat He gave us, and to let our lives be a song that declares what God is doing. We are all instruments in God’s symphony with a unique tone and sound. Together, we can serenade a world that is hungry and invite them to join us in this glorious song we’re singing.
Quiet Streets
Become captivated and explore the reality of leaving behind the “American Dream” to pursue a life of truth and love—even when it is beyond comfort. This song challenges listeners to lay down the “safe” life, and pursue the calling of Christ to lose our lives that we might save them (Mark 8:35).
The Same Sun
Despite the fact that life can throw curveballs that catch us completely off guard, God remains sovereign by keeping us steady in chaotic circumstances. “The Same Sun” describes the comfort we feel from the continuous existence of the sun. We need the sun to provide us sunlight every day in order to survive. Although we struggle and wrestle, the dawn eventually breaks, morning after morning and relief comes. God’s faithfulness is illustrated through the constancy of the sun. God is faithful to carry us through whatever we may face, giving us the light we need to remain.
Beautiful World
Tanya raises a question of life without fear, and living in perfect love, in her song “Beautiful World.” She compares a life driven by fear to a life lived running wildly through fields of freedom chasing after God’s calling. A beautiful world is waiting to be discovered outside the walls of fear. People are eagerly waiting to hear the Good News, and a life giving story is  waiting to be told through those who are unafraid.
Worth the War
“Worth the War” is a song that challenges believers to examine the current state of the battle they are fighting: Are you fighting the enemy or each other? This upbeat song encourages believers to join the same side, to have one another’s backs and reconcile differences in order to stick together. The chorus of the song serves as a cry in the midst of the battle, calling all to cease the fighting and join forces:
“Let’s stand and fight from the same side
I’ve got your back so take my hand, take a sword
Love is worth the war.”
Anywhere You Are
“Anywhere you are” reflects the words of Psalm 139: 7 which says, “Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?” The beautiful truth spoken in this song is that we cannot hide from God or escape His presence. Even when we try, He always finds us. He breaks down walls we build up to keep Him out and He woos us back into His presence. This same pursuit that God has towards us can be transferred over into our relationships with those we love. We can be fearless in walking with them through even the most difficult times and commit to stay faithful to them because that is how Christ pursues us.
“Foundation” is an anthem that celebrates the comfort that believers have when Christ is our solid foundation. He left His heavenly home, dwelt among men, died for our wrongdoing, and rose again so that we could live. THIS is the foundation of our lives; the reason we live, breathe and have our being is all for Jesus and because of Jesus. Beautiful words serve as a reminder for all who feel discouraged:
“We will not be shaken
All will not be lost
We are not forsaken
How deep your love for us”
Open Hands
Stunning symphonic harmonies usher in lyrics that once again sing about the beauty of living a free life. Tanya sings about how she wishes her heart could fly free from her own control, to soar out of time and out of space, and that it wouldn’t land back in her own hands. It can be so difficult give God total control in our lives rather than trying to do it all ourselves. This melody closes with anticipation for the day when Christ will return for us and take our hearts right into His open hands.
Tanya Godsey Love Lines The Last Horizon Album

Album ‘Love Lines The Last Horizon’

Final Commentary on Album
Tanya has a way of portraying ideas and emotions in very poetic, deep, and pictorial way. This allows listeners to envision struggles, victories and truths of Christ in a new light because of the way she describes them. Tanya’s extensive vocal range and variety in instrumentation gives a unique touch to each piece on the album.
Tanya’s use of metaphors and figurative language in her songs is very unique; however, it can be a little difficult to understand the meaning behind the phrases at times. Some songs were also hard to understand due to slurred words and because of the heavy echo. Other than that, Love Lines the Last Horizon was fabulous and incredibly creative.
‘Love Lines the Last Horizon’ is full of rich lyrics and instrumentation as well as a solid message to take away. Each song points to choosing the call, with freedom and faith, over fear. I enjoyed reading Tanya’s heart behind each song and how each song declared victory and freedom over the fear she has faced for most of her life. Be inspired with this album. Find encouragement in the lyrics, and inspiration toward the risk of faith, and the reward of freedom.
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