Most people have given up on the notion that prayer will ever be put back into schools.  While that may overtly be true, right now, it’s not fact- there is a “back way” of getting prayer back into schools, and it’s called teaching your children how to share the gospel.  It is also probably the most effective way of also getting families back into the church.

The beauty about children is that they are open, honest and teachable.  They do not have the imposed boundaries and restrictions that adults govern themselves by.  As parents, we should encourage our children to share Jesus with others- not by preaching at people- but simply by sharing God’s goodness in a casual conversation.  Children should never be ashamed or feel ashamed of sharing the good news of our Lord- no matter how politically incorrect we fear it may be.

Other children are very receptive, and many are curious.  We need to equip the next generation for the work of the ministry, and what better way than when they are young!  Scripture says, “Train up a child in which way he should go and he shall not depart from it.”  Face it, for the good or bad, what we teach our children tends to impact them for the rest of their lives.  Shouldn’t we impact them early for Christ?

Learn how, in our February issue, to teach your children to witness, pray, and teach the gospel to others.  Then, watch little lives (and big lives, too!) transform to living victoriously in Christ.

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