The sequel to whether an imaginary friend can be a demon.  It will restore peace in your house and teach your children how to take authority over every situation.

Originally published in our October 2016 issue.

By: Anonymous

I wasn’t prepared to discuss the topics of authority to a pre-school child, and yet peculiarly, I found myself in this position. My son had been having night terrors wherein he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming- shrilly and loudly- I might add. What was worse was that he was talking to this “friend”, as he called it, and this entity was causing him to continually misbehave.

Despite our best efforts at correcting his disruptive behavior to no avail, and being tired of being woken up in the middle of the night, my husband and I began to pray over the situation. Our main question to God was, “Why is this happening?” followed by “How can we correct this situation?” The answers we received we weren’t prepared for.

authorityWhen God revealed the answer, my immediate thought was, “He’s just a kid!” God had revealed that this “friend” of his was a demon.

This demon struck again the next day, and I watched my son in a different light. As my loving, cuddly son spewed out angry words and engaged in yet another temper tantrum, I heard this demon in the background- it almost sounded like gnashing.

I asked God what to do. My son looked like he was being extremely emotional, and I was cautious about going anywhere near him. The answer shocked me. God said to put my arms around him and tell him that God loves him.

“But I do that all the time!” was my response.

God said, “Do it.”

I found myself approaching my son and tried to avoid getting hit as a mess of arms and feet were flailing all over the place. I wrapped my arms around him, held him close, and whispered in his ear, “God loves you”.

I kept repeating it.

Once the words were out, the tantrum immediately subsided. Tears and snot streaming down his little sad face, my son said, “No he doesn’t.” to which I replied, “Yes, He does.”

When I asked him what made him think that God didn’t love him, he said that his “friend” told him that God couldn’t love a boy that behaved like him. I assured him that God loves him unconditionally but he was adamant on his position. When I asked why he misbehaved, he told me that this “friend” told him to, and it sounded like fun at the time. However, when he got punished, it was a different story. Yet, he never told this demon to leave.

I told him what God had revealed, and discovered that this demon was linked to the night terrors. My son told me what his “friend’s” name was, and I told him that what was speaking to him was a demon. My son thought that it was a spirit, but couldn’t decipher whether it was good or not.

My husband and I cast that thing out of our house faster than it could say it’s own name, and peace was restored- temporarily. It kept coming back, and we kept casting it out. That was, until we learned that our son was innocently opening the door to it entering back in.

It kept speaking to him, and he kept listening. He didn’t know how to tell it to leave, and periodically he would listen to it. We finally got him to a point where he didn’t like this demon because he was always in trouble, but he had difficulty in casting it out.

Quite upset, I discussed the situation with a friend who came over that afternoon. She called my son over and grabbed two of his dinosaurs. One dinosaur, she said, was him, and the other was this demon. With the dinosaur representing my son in one hand, she told him to say, “In Jesus name, get out!” to the demon dinosaur. “And never come back.”

Giggling, He said o.k., but when he said it, he lacked conviction. So, she told him to say it again like an angry, snarly dinosaur would. He giggled once again, and repeated it. Again and again he repeated these words until they were imprinted on his heart. Once he understood, the “demon” dinosaur ran away yipping causing him to laugh even more!

She explained to him why the demon left in fear, and the power of the name of Jesus at a level that he could understand. My son felt empowered.

Soon after, we heard our son loudly saying, “In Jesus name get out and don’t come back!” with both hands placed firmly on his hips. He squealed with glee when it left, and it remained gone.

The night terrors ceased as well, and peace was restored in our home as he learned to say these words in his dreams.

I learned that there are no “adult” Holy Spirit, nor “children’s” Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the same size no matter how old you are. The Spirit sees everything- both good and bad- and children are more susceptible to demonic influences than adults because of their innocence. 

Children have not been taught to think inside a box like society teaches us. Adults are taught that ghosts do not exist, nor do spirits. They are imaginary, and if an adult sees one, it’s never a good thing, according to the world. Children don’t have boundaries, and can see into the supernatural easier because they haven’t been told that they shouldn’t. They are innocent, and that is why we need to protect them. 

If Satan can’t get to us, he will use our children.

However, teaching them authority doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to relate to them in a way that they understand, and teaching them about Satan prepares them for the road ahead. It trains them to be powerful prayer warriors and to do damage to the kingdom of darkness. If we don’t equip them, something else will get to them and we might never understand what or why. It will seek to destroy the child, and the family. We end up blaming the child and ourselves when it’s nothing but a silly demon.

Prepare your child for the spiritual journey ahead by teaching them about authority and what God has given us authority over. They will grow in knowledge, faith, and in spirit. They will do far greater because we, as parents, equipped them to do great things in the name of Jesus.

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