How did you do? Were you correct? Are your actions biblical?

Here is the remainder of the answers to the questions that we posed on Saturday. Let’s see how you did…

Harmless Gossip is okay as long as it’s kept secret between friends


Answer: Is it biblical? Nope. Gossip is still gossip, and that is never okay with God. The thing with gossip is that 1. You never know if it is true or not, and 2. Even if it were, should you be repeating it?

In the case of gossip, we need to ask ourselves if what we are saying edifies the person or not. Are we helping them? Now, here are where things get tricky: the Christian who asks for someone to pray over a friend who has a problem… and they outline the problem.

Still gossip? Absolutely! You can ask for someone to pray, but you don’t have to give the details. God knows what the prayer is about. For example, if Sister Sally is having health issues, all you have to do is ask for healing for her. The fact that she had an infection because of a botched abortion should not be mentioned. It doesn’t edify her, hurts Sally, and people really don’t need to know the details.

secrets between friends are Okay. I don’t have to tell my spouse everything!

Answer: Not a sin… exactly. While you don’t really want to have secrets from your spouse (as it is an indicator of a lack of trust or deceit in a marriage), there are some things that only a close friend may understand.

Sometimes it’s very helpful in sharing things with a close friend as they can give you a different perspective on things, and hold you accountable. There are things that your spouse may not be able to identify with, and that’s where friends are a blessing.

Playing Politics at work is okay… It’s the Only way to get ahead

If you believe that God promotes, and takes down, then the answer to this is that it is a sin. So, this action is not biblical, nor will it get you promoted by God.

“Playing politics” is using manipulation for your own gain. We should never manipulate others just to benefit us. We should always be sincere. And the fact that in this situation we would feel compelled not to be sincere questions both our integrity and our character. Why do you feel that you need to be someone else? Why do you want to manipulate others? More importantly, at the end of the day, when you look at yourself in the mirror, will you respect your decisions?

“The fish was three feet long!” and other tall tales. Everyone does it… It’s laughable!

Are tall tales a sin? While amusing and entertaining, it does fall into the category of exaggeration which is lying. You are not being truthful.

Taking supplies from work isn’t stealing. They expect you to take that stuff!

Okay, how many of us have NEVER taken anything at work? I used to come home with numerous pens in my pocket from work… unintentionally, of course!

Yet, even though it may be a dollar item, stealing is still stealing, and it adds up. Theft is never biblical whether it is on a large scale, or small. We think of it as nominal, but for the company, if everyone is taking stuff home, the “little theft” quickly becomes a big deal when it comes time to order supplies.

Additionally, there is no little theft and big theft in God’s world. It’s all one and the same.

Still a sin in God’s books.

Putting Shopping carts back and picking up garbage are traits that God rewards!

A little trickier to answer as to whether it’s biblical or not… Yes, God does like it when we are conscientious. Many people take shopping carts home so that they won’t have to lift their heavy groceries… and never return them!

It costs companies several thousands of dollars to replace groups of missing shopping carts. Those that don’t buy replacements often hire someone to go out into the neighborhood in search of the missing carts- all of which take up money in gas for the driver, and wages.

This, in turn, drives up costs for the consumer. So before you feel compelled to take a cart for a drive, think about your own bottom dollar!

God also wants us to pick up our own trash. He created the world, and we were given dominion over it. But He did not tell us to abuse His creation. It’s a matter of shifting your thinking… The earth is not ours. Everything in the earth is God’s- He designed it. Therefore, when you are polluting your environment, not picking up your trash, or using harsh chemicals, you are not being a good steward over the earth.

So, how did you do? These are just some of the areas that we take for granted in our lives. Most of us engage in some of these activities without thinking twice about our actions, or justify it by using our own “degree scale”.

Yet, God doesn’t use a degree of severity when judging us. Sin is sin. It’s pretty black and white.

Our March issue focuses on some of these topics discussed and many more. They are common things that we are found doing… but shouldn’t be.

Are you guilty of any? Learn more about what God has to say on these topics in our next issue of Faith Filled Family coming out on February 26, 2020.

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