We answer Saturday’s Questions on Scripture

Saturday’s post asked you to test your knowledge based on scripture over a series of scenarios. We outline the answers:


Sexual Innuendos/jokes are okay between friends. They know that I don’t mean anything by them!

That may be true. Perhaps (hopefully) your friends know that you are joking. Yet we’ve heard cases where things were said in a “joking” fashion only to have a sexual harassment suit follow. Is it worth it?

We never think about that one person that may be vulnerable and read more into a situation than there is. When they do and when they inevitably act on it, it makes things awkward for everyone all around.

Worse yet is the person whose advances have been spurned. Some people don’t take rejection lightly and end up lashing out. Many people have encountered charges being laid this way.

The answer to this: True, God condemns lewdness is scripture.

I like to flirt. My spouse knows that it’s harmless fun!

We are conditioned to be accepting our spouses as harmless fun. Displaying any form of discontent is considered jealousy… And you can’t possibly be jealous!

Yet jealousy in this situation is warranted. Someone else is getting the attention that you deserve as a spouse. There is nothing wrong in feeling justifiably jealous.

The answer is: True, God doesn’t like it when we flirt. It takes our eyes off of our spouses’ beauty/attention and on to another.

There is no harm in hanging out with Friends of the opposite sex.

The answer: False. There is no harm in having friends of the opposite sex. However, we do need to be mindful that we don’t find ourselves in tempting situations wherein our integrity may be compromised. For deep issues, it’s best to have an opposite-sex friend either be counseled by the same-sex spouse, or with both yourself and your spouse. Not only will the person have the perspective of both genders, but it also keeps things out in the open.

When people have challenges, they can become vulnerable. In this vulnerability sometimes feelings emerge. And the rest of the story writes itself.

“I like the ladies/men!” I can be a player as long as everyone knows that I’m not exclusive.

The answer is a tricky one to respond to. While “playing the field” in and of itself isn’t ungodly (assuming that you are not having sex), you create a lot of baggage for yourself.

Every time you get together and break up, a little piece of yourself goes with the other person. Baggage is often generated with each break-up and taints the next person that you are with.

The rest of the answers will be revealed in tomorrow’s post.

So how did you do so far?

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