The Borrowed Christmas
Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Our Rating: G

On the surface, John Dale has everything a man could want: wealth, fame, and the largest house on the block. However, he doesn’t have the one thing that he wants most: an old-fashioned, traditional Christmas. The funny thing is, at the time, he doesn’t know that he needs this particular Christmas more than he realizes.
While passing by a struggling rental shop, John decides to stop by to see if they will rent anything. He really didn’t think they would take him seriously, but when they did, he found himself writing a check for a “borrowed” Christmas. It was a tall order, and he was very specific. He wanted a traditional, Norman Rockwell, full out Christmas filled with carolers. But the list didn’t stop there… He also wanted five children: two children, a boy and girl, coming home for the holidays, three younger children, two girls and a boy, and a wife. The “borrowed” Christmas would begin the day before Christmas and end Christmas day. There would have to be presents as well.
For Anne Weston, it seems like a tall order. All of the Christmas decorations should be easy to find. However, finding actors to work on Christmas is quite different. Also, how is she going to make this a Christmas to remember for the man who has everything?
Loving a true challenge, Anne agrees and begins preparing for the “borrowed” Christmas. She finds, as she begins, that the tasks that she thought would be hard, are easy. That is, until they fall through. The actors that she thought that she had secured couldn’t make it for various reasons. Also, John’s house staff who is instructed to help her are cold and distant.
With no actors to play the various roles, and Christmas coming up quickly, how is Anne going to pull it off? How is she going to give this wealthy man the Christmas of his dreams?

I quickly fell in love with this movie- it is hard not to. The characters are personable and play their respective roles convincingly. The plot is sweetly simple, it does not need to be overly complex, yet the message is impactful. The movie makes the viewer almost feel like a spectator watching the events unfold before them, and looking for that happily-ever-after ending.
For me, this movie ranked right up there with such timeless classics as Miracle on 34th Street, The Bishops’s Wife, etc. This movie will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and ready for the holidays.
This movie is truly a soon to be timeless classic and a movie to be watched with the entire family.

The movie is completely clean- nothing to “watch out” for. Great use of scripture, and referencing everything back to the Bible.

Many thanks to Chip Rossetti for allowing us the privilege of screening this movie.