“Huh?” If this is what you find yourself thinking about this statement, then you are not alone. A “bright side” to failure seems laughable when all you want to do is cry. Yet, your reaction to failure will either be your success, or your downfall. It is really all in your perspective.

Like many famous inventors, you can see a lack of success as an opportunity for improvement. You have learned what isn’t working, so now you can focus on thinking outside the box to make it work. Some see a lack of success as an opportunity to initiate change.


In this scenario, change is exciting because it is the thrill of the unknown. You are taking charge of your life, and you decide which direction it goes. You don’t know what is around the corner, but you are anticipating where God’s next adventure for you will be. Where will it lead? Where will you go? God, what’s next!?

Or… You could see the future as bleak. You have failed. Things didn’t work as well as you had hoped. Maybe they didn’t work at all. Some will sink into a depression. Others will drift aimlessly. There are those who will stick with it. They have so much invested in one way, shape, or form. Sometimes they are so focused and determined that they miss God’s leading. Others feel that they must persevere.

Do I Move on, Is It a Failure, or Do I stay put?

That is the million dollar question! How do we know? Are we being tested? Is it a failure? How do we cope?

Helen Murray informs readers that there, indeed, is a bright side to failure– even if we don’t see it. She tells us that often it is our own perspective that will determine what our future will look like. Will it be rosy, or be bleak? Well, that is up to you to decide.

Helen will give you hope for a brighter tomorrow, and change your way of “stinking thinking”. She will point you back to a God where anything is possible. You may be amazed at how He can turn around any circumstance in an instant.

This feature and many more can be found in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on December 28, 2020!

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