Is the next generation going to be lost in a world or unbelief, or on fire for Christ?

No matter how much we protect our children, sometimes we have to pray for their souls.  Eventually, they will have to face a world with eroded morals and beliefs and decide for themselves whether they will become a part of it, or try to change it for Christ.

Some, will make a significant impact for we know as believers that our children will do greater things in His name than we were able to do.  It will be exciting to watch them grow and make changes in our world for the better.

Others will fall prey to Satan and renounce everything they have been taught about God.  They may make an impact, but it will be on their own strength with potentially its own consequences.

Many have asked, “But if all of these children had a relationship with Christ, grew up in the faith, and knew the Bible, then how could they turn their backs on their faith?”  The bigger question is how to we know which path OUR children will go on, and how can we, as parents, make sure they remain on the right path.

Answers to this question and more in “Don’t Let the Fire Burn Out: Equipping the Next Generation” found in our April edition of Faith Filled Family.