We are in an age wherein schools place more emphasis on contraception over abstinence.  When asked what the rationale is for this, since abstinence is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy versus 99% at best, the response is always, “Well, if they are going to have sex anyway, they should at least be prepared.

Going to have sex anyway?  Do we actually hear our words?  Many parents assume that their children are going to engage in sex- never mind preventing pregnancy or STD’s.  The problem is that we’ve accepted that our children will be sexually active, so we’re going to be proactive.  We’ve resided ourselves, as parents, to accept the notion that they will engage in premarital sex- that their hormones will simply rage out of control, and they will give in.  Where is that in the Bible?

AbstinenceThe God I know teaches of self-control and purity.  Scripture also tells us that we will not be tempted beyond what we can endure, to lean on God when we are tempted, and He will provide a way out.  So basically, your children can and will overcome the temptation to have sex if they know where to turn.  The problem is that the discussion about sex is so difficult for parents, that we leave it up to a school system to teach them what they should know.  So should your children know the world’s way, or God’s way about sex?

You see, the world will say that they will have sex, backed by numerous studies of worldly children doing what they aren’t mature enough to handle anyway.  Their approach is the accept this reality, and teach them to protect themselves- it’s best for them.  What’s best for them all around is abstinence, and the emphasis should be on why on a scriptural level.  We need to tell them what sex should be like in marriage, and how this differs than outside of one.

Chas Funderburg discusses why parents should go back to placing an emphasis on abstinence/purity, and why sex when married beats premarital sex hands down.  We need to tell them the why, scripturally.  Telling them about it physically isn’t enough because it’s romanticized, and the problem is the belief that pregnancy etc. won’t happen to them.  Additionally, they are too young to understand what parenthood would be like at their age.  Chas will speak to the objection of “they are going to do it anyway”, and why God’s way is the only way.

So, should a Christian parent discuss contraception with their kids, or stick with abstinence?  Maybe a bit of both?  Chas will help you find the right balance for your family!

Our May issue on parenting will be released on April 26, 2018.


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