Tim Lovelace brings his talents to the forefront in his latest DVD/CD combination, Living In A Coffee World.  The project showcases Tim’s comedy, musicianship, award-winning songwriting talent, and motivational speaking skills.  Additionally, he provides exceptional entertainment for the entire family to enjoy!

His DVD/CD was recorded live at Lee University in Tennessee which provides the listener a front row seat to Tim Lovelace’s unique brand of humour that has kept audiences world-wide laughing for three decades.

Tim shares his enthusiasm about the project, “I’m overjoyed to have completed my first project with Stowtown Records. They have given me an abundance of creative freedom. I can be my zany self, play different instruments and still share my heart. I hope this project brings laughter to many. I think we can all agree, now more than ever, that we need joy in our lives.”

His latest project, Living in A Coffee World, features eleven new musical comedy songs including the title track which provides a humorously insightful examination of our coffee addictions by Tim’s sharing of what happens when he drinks what he calls a “freight train espresso”.  Additionally, “What Happened to Tomatoes” discusses how the flavour of garden tomatoes has become a wet cardboard, and “Some Assembly Required” comments on how parents spend all Christmas Eve night attempting to decipher instruction booklets.

The DVD/CD isn’t all humour, though.  “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti Bullying Talk”, while it does contain humour, does include a serious message about bullying- of which Lovelace experienced first-hand in his youth.  While audiences may find it funny, Lovelace hopes to leave a lasting impression on what it feels like to experience bullying.  He describes the “scars from bullying never going away”.

In our interview with Tim, he discusses growing up and being bullied, and the effects that it had on his life.  He also discusses, “Living In A Coffee World” as well, and what he hopes audiences will take away from his latest project.

More information can be found about Tim Lovelace on his website at www.timlovelace.com

Tim’s interview can be found in our upcoming issue being released this Wednesday, December 27!


Living In A Coffee World Track Listing
1.    “Monologue (Spoken Word)”
2.    “Living in a Coffee World (Live Version)”
3.    “Mercurochrome”
4.    “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti-Bullying Talk (Spoken Word)”
5.    “Goodbye Blues”
6.    “What Happened to Tomatoes”
7.    “Choose Happy”
8.    “Some Assembly Required”
9.    “Living in a Coffee World (Studio Version)”
10.    “Introduction to Composer of My Life”
11.    “Composer of My Life”

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