How many times have you heard the words (in a whiney voice), “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do”? Those words can become our most dreaded words to hear during school break, especially if we are hearing them often. But there is good news! Researchers all agree that being bored is actually a good thing as it helps develop creativity.1 This makes a lot of sense! If life is so structured that there is always something to keep you busy, or to fill in the gaps, when do you get the time to be creative? After all, God is creative (Genesis 1) and we are made in His image (Genesis 1:27).

boredIn light of this, it seems that allowing your child to be bored is a good thing. But how do we go about encouraging them to tap into their God-given creativity? 

The answer – Intentionality. This sounds counterintuitive when we are trying to be more creative, doesn’t it? But if we aren’t intentional about change, the habits we have formed over the years and the expected busyness of our culture will simply take over. Before you know it, you will automatically just do what you have always done. As we all know, making changes can be difficult at first. So perhaps starting off during school break is a good time to make the changes as, generally speaking, there is a bit less structure without school and other regular activities. Or even just changing up your weekend routine might work best for your family. 

One ‘creative’ way to look at making these intentional changes is by thinking about the saying, “Work, Rest and Play”. It’s important to get a balance in these activities so we can function at our best.2 This probably sounds a bit ‘adult’, but adults aren’t the only ones who need this balance – our children do, too.3 Let’s take a closer look at these three areas and see how we can incorporate it into the age-old problem of our children being bored (and sometimes underfoot)….

For more creative ideas (and the rest of the article), please visit “Boredom Isn’t Boring” by Shauna Gallagher on page 6 of our latest edition!


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