Toby Mac: Eye’M All Mixed Up- Remixes
Reviewed By Michelle C. Danko
Genre: Dance/Techno
Released November 4, 2014
Produced By: Forefront Records and CMG (Capitol Music Group)

Eye’M All Mixed Up is more than a playful creative title, it is some of TobyMac’s best songs remixed to a dance/techno beat. Listeners can expect to be moved by both impactful and inspiring lyrics, and a beat that will have you praising all day long.
Musically, TobyMac has pushed creative limits with this new album and has produced a sound that is nothing short of sensational! This album has both dance and techno tracks. The techno tracks are full of heavy beats combined with musical segments and sounds that are pleasing to the ear. The genius in it is that there are so many distinct sounds and segments to some of the arrangements, that they make what was surely a complex arrangement seem flawless and effortless. The segments work and intertwine into one another. It is amazing to listen to it.

Eye On It (Phenomenon Remix with Soul Glow Activatur) : Eye On It is about being focused on God’s plan for your life and not getting sidetracked. It is about being focused on what His will is for your life. It is about running your race well and with God by your side so that should you fail or falter, He is there to pick you up again.

Forgiveness featuring Lecrae (Neon Feather Remix): Forgiveness is about just that- forgiveness. It discusses the fact that we all make mistakes and maybe go too far of the path that we are to be on, but when we are far from God, He is still waiting there for us to cry out for forgiveness for our sins.
Lecrae’s lyrics discuss a warning about what happens when you keep anger inside. It ends up hurting you on the inside creating a brokenness. It brings up the other side of forgiveness- the one where you are forgiving someone for hurting you and letting go of that pain. If we don’t forgive, then roots of bitterness develop.

Speak Life (Telemitry Remix): Speak Life is about being mindful of the words we say. The beginning talks about how life and death are in the power of the tongue. We have the power to utter defeat, or to bring hope to others. We should also speak to our circumstances as there is power in the name of Jesus.
The end of the song discusses bringing hope to others, speaking in love, and bringing joy to another’s life simply by the words we say.

Me Without You (Capitol Kings Remix): Me Without You is about taking comfort in God’s warm embrace. It is being content that we have God in our lives because without Him, our lives would look much different. We wouldn’t be content, but always searching for something better and not knowing that that “better” was. Our life would be one of desperation and despair because without God, we can never be truly happy.
The core message is that only Christ can fulfill all of our needs because He knows us intimately, He knows are needs, and often He put them there. Only God makes life worth living.

Steal My Show (Jack Shocklee Remix): Steal My Show is about not letting ourselves get in the way of what God is trying to do. It is about giving way to the move of the Spirit, and letting Him have his way. Steal My Show is about how everything we have is God’s- He gave it to us for His glory. We should be obedient, and sold out to Him.

UnStoppable featuring Bianca (Phenomenon Remix with Soul Glow Activatur): Unstoppable is who we are as Christians, our walk, and what sets us apart from those who live in the world. It says that we are here temporarily and we look to Heaven to live eternally. We know our world does not end when we die. We know that the way of the world leads to disaster, and we can be seen as “moving in mysterious ways” (lead by the Spirit). Our eyes are always focused on God.
It speaks to the fact that as Christians, we are forever moving on the path that God has chosen for us, and our choice to follow Him. We may make mistakes in life, but God is always there to lift us back up. The world says that we are missing out on life by the example we lead, but true believers know that joy comes from the Lord.
Ultimately, it is about being “unstoppable” in pursuing the Lord: that nothing can hold you back, God can do the impossible, and that we live our lives for Him.

Loose Myself (Capitol Kings Remix): Loose Myself discusses giving all of ourselves to God: the good, the bad, and the sometimes downright ugly. It is about letting God refine us, and mold us into His image. It beautifully talks about leaving past failures or mistakes behind you, and having God open your eyes to His future for you. His future is bright and filled with hope. Loose Myself is about seeking out God and having Him transform your life. It is about being God lead, not me driven, and seeking after His will for your life.

Eye On It (Kaveman Remix): Different beginning of the song. This is more of a dance version of the first song. Begins softly, and becomes louder before the first verse. Less techno, and more of a dance feel.

Thankful for You (Thunderbird Remix): Almost more of a personal reflection, lyrically. It is about someone who never was about fame or fortune, but about influencing others with the gifts (music, in this case) that God had given them. It is about being thankful for the opportunities that God has provided, and being surrounded by good friends.

Mac Daddy (Tru’s Reality) (Telemitry Remix): A fun song about wanting a Mac and bringing the desire to God.

Me Without You (Telemitry Remix): This version begins with driving techno beats which increase in volume. It has a creative use of musical segments combined with techno beats to create a unique dance experience. Personally, my favorite version of the two due to the creative way that it is musically put together.

I would highly recommend this album to anyone who loves this genre. TobyMac has accomplished his usual amazing both lyrically and musically in this remix. Every TobyMac fan needs to add this to their collection. It is simply a “must have”.

Faith Filled Family would like to thank The Media Collective for allowing us to review this album. It was indeed a pleasure!