A series of events that have occurred over the recent months have made people more aware of the existence of radial division and inequality across the United States.  Tonight, Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) will be airing a special edition of the award-winning ministry and talk show, Praise.  This edition will centre on the critical role of the Church in aiding to facilitate racial reconciliation in America.

The show will be hosted by Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, who is the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference.  The program was taped at The King Centre in Atlanta, and will feature experts Dr. Mike Hayes (President of Churches in Covenant/Founder of Centre for National Renewal in Washington, D.C), and Dr. Bernice King (daughter of civil rights pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King/CEO of The King Centre).

Pastor Rodriquez notes that almost 50 years have passed since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Since his death, racial inequality and division continue to be an issue nationally.

“Many people assume we fully addressed this issue in the past,” he said. “What is happening? Where are we today? And where is the Church?”

Dr. King commented that after the death of her father, America has never fully finished dealing with racism.  She said that America “swept it under the rug” and that the Church “has been silent of the issue of racism”.  She added that this needs to change.

“All that we have gone through and experienced in America – the trauma of institutionalized racism – has got to be healed,” challenged Dr. King. “All of us are victims, because we were all born into the system. The church has to get this right because it begins in the house of the Lord.”

Pastor Rodriquez argues, “(The) Church has the leading role in addressing the issue of systemic racism across America. We are anointed to bring good news…. It’s not about politics. It’s about righteousness and justice in the Name of Jesus.”

Praise Thursday airs tonight at 8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central.  A special dialogue will ensue about the Church’s role in addressing this issue in America.  TBN livestream can be found here, or consult your local television provider.


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