About A Mile, Dove Award New Artist of the Year nominee, is back with their new album, “Trust You All the Way.” Brothers, Adam, Luke and Levi hit many topics in these songs, including faith, identity in Christ, trust, love, and so much more. About A Mile calls us to boldly live out our faith, living a life of surrender. This project comes from a very personal place for them, and they bravely open up about struggles and freedom. It is vocally, musically and lyrically strong, and I believe it is one that will greatly impact listeners. The album releases today on iTunes!
Taking Back: The album takes off with a rock sound for the first track. This is one of those songs you’ll get stuck in your head…and one you actually want to be stuck there! It is about taking back what Satan has stolen, and not giving up in the fight against him because we know God has already won.
Traded: Definitely catchy! This song grabs your attention, not only musically, but lyrically. One of the lines in the chorus is “I traded a life of sin for a life with Him. I came alive when we switched places.” It gives a unique way of seeing Jesus’ sacrifice for us. All in all, this encourages listeners to recognize how different our lives are because of Him, and in that we rejoice.
Calling Your Name: This one is slightly more mellow than the last two. It tells a story in this song, drawing in listeners in such a way that they can relate. The whole song is a biblical idea, but I specifically like the section that talks about God calling us out of darkness and into light. Ultimately, this song gets at the idea that God is with us all the time, and He won’t leave us in any circumstance.
Trust You All the Way: The title track begins with a different, little more “techno” sound, and I really enjoy it. Sometimes trusting God can sound “cliché,” but this song covers this topic well, talking about trusting God through everything in such a way that it deals with real life. Not only should we trust God in the good times, but in the bad times…so “all the way.” Definitely one of my favorites on the album.
Reach: The concept of “reaching” is used in several different ways here…reaching for Jesus, He’s reaching for us, and we will never be out of His reach. This medium-slow song provides encouragement and is one that you will find yourself singing in your head.
Born to Live: If you need a song to get pumped up, this is for you. Its catchy beat and techno/hip-hop sound with segments of “rap” will make you want to dance and shout out this chorus with the positive message that we cannot afford to waste our lives.
Outrun: This song features fun instrumental sounds that create a lighthearted mood. It takes place from God’s perspective, how there is nothing we can do to outrun His love. It stresses God’s unconditional and unchanging love, and these carefree melodies will have you dancing.
Hallelujah: More of a worship-style feel to it. The vocals are solid and pure, and it’s one of those you want to join in and sing along. I can see this being a corporate worship song, as its melodies are easy to catch-on to, and the content of the song fits every single person. Jesus died for everyone, and we worship Him with our lives. This song reiterates how amazing He is.
Undeniable: This anthem urges believers to step into the call of standing out for Christ. Its upbeat techno/pop sound musically fits what it is portraying lyrically. As Christians we are not meant to blend in with the world, and this calls us to live out our lives for what we believe. Really enjoy the music that complements the message.
All I Need: A slower, acoustic tune. It illustrates the simple message that all we need is Jesus. We have all we need when we have Him. Also, there is a fun little recording if you listen all the way to the end of the song.
Positives: I like how About A Mile has expanded their style. This album has a nice variety of sounds, as well as lyrical themes. Each song contains a positive message that somehow relates back to the idea of trusting God all the way, with everything. A very fitting title for their sophomore album.
Negatives: There is no song I dislike, but I just like some more than others. I don’t see any real negatives here… I think listeners will be impressed.
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