Money… we all need it just to survive.  That’s just simply a reality.  Yet there are varying beliefs in this area; most of which do not resemble scripture.
Belief #1: “Money is evil.  All it leads to is corruption.”
Most people who fall into this category generally fall prey to the misquote from the Bible which says, “Money is the root of all evil”.  The scripture from 1 Timothy 6:10 clearly states, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”  Corruption occurs when there is a heart issue, not from having money itself.
Belief #2: “It’s great to have money- it makes life easier for me.  Life is all about money.”
This is more of a thought process, rather than an actual statement.  This person may have relied on God initially for their prosperity, however, a heart issue began to seep in which corrupted their character.  The heart issue may have been corruption- wherein they will do almost anything to obtain and keep their wealth- or it may have turned into pride, wherein they don’t need God anymore.  Corruption occurs when we compromise our values- even a little- to obtain or keep wealth.  We attempt to appease someone other than God instead of upholding what is right.  Pride occurs when we no longer rely or need God anymore.  Money, then, becomes our idol.  This is evident in “self-made” individuals.  These people work hard, but often forsake the relationships in their lives.  Money and the pursuit of it becomes more important.
Often, with this belief system, there is an over concern, or fear of lack instead of a faith and trust in God.
Belief #3: “This is as good as life gets.  I barely have enough to pay the bills.  God is trying to teach me something in my lack (teaching me to be humble/a lesson/I’m cursed.  This is my “lot” in life/I don’t have the education to make my life better.”
The excuses for this one vary from lack of education, bad luck, bad past, circumstances, etc.  It involves a “settling” mentality- and God never wants us to settle for anything less than His best.  You hear this thought process in someone who has been beaten or defeated by life.  You also hear it in false doctrines as well that preach either wealth is for some, or money is evil.  This errant theology tells people it’s godly to be poor or to have little, because pride can’t creep it.  Poverty becomes equated to humility.
Believe #4: The stuck.  “Life’s good.  I have money.  I have savings.  I’m comfortable.”
Nothing wrong with being comfortable.  Millions of people around the world would LOVE just to have their needs met.  Yet the statement is still wrong.  When we are “stuck”, we aren’t striving for God’s best.  We are stopping just short of His glory in our lives, and short-changing the lives that we could truly be affecting for Christ.  Life isn’t about “me and mine”, but about making a difference- an impact- for Christ.  It’s something that all Christians are responsible for equally.  Also, make no mistake, your generosity- whether in the form of tithes, offerings or giving- is an answer to prayer for someone else.  When we give, we are drawing someone closer to God- yet we never think of it that way.  YOU might be the answer to prayer for that mother trying to put food on the table for her children, or the dad who is just trying to keep the heat on in the winter.  Many people struggle just to provide the basics for their families- and they work very hard.  Not everyone that struggles is “lazy”.
How do you know that God doesn’t want you to bless someone else so that they know His glory?
Additionally, the Christmas season also means for many of us that we enter into debt just to give our loved ones what they want.  Our January issue discusses the issue of debt, and what God says about it.  We will highlight what good stewardship looks like, how to cancel out debt (for those who are struggling), and why you NEVER want to go into debt in the first place!  Also, we discuss how we can teach our children how to be financially responsible so that they don’t enter into the same pitfalls that many of us have.
These topics and many more in our January 2018 issue!  Our January issue comes out on December 27th, 2017, and is available on our website, through our social media, and on our FREE subscription.
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