Unanswered Pleas for Provision: What Do You Do?

When our pleas for provision go unanswered by God (or seemingly unanswered), maintaining your faith can be challenging. For a while, our faith may be strong, yet it may become eroded after prolonged periods. How do you hold on when your prayers are not being answered and you are growing weary?

Why Isn’t God Answering Pleas for Provision?

Is it that God isn’t hearing my cries, ignoring me, or am I in sin? During periods of financial drought, it is normal to question why this is happening.

Is there Secret Sin?

Our first line of defense is always examining our own lives to see if sin is hampering our progress. We know that sometimes if secret sin exists in our lives, it can hinder our prayer. However, it is difficult for most Christians to fathom that even if an unknown sin exists, that God would stop providing for His children. After a while of self-reflection, we move on to the next step.

Is God Hearing or Ignoring my pleas for provision?

It is easy to feel that God has abandoned you. It is a very real feeling. While we know that He doesn’t (and to say that He does may infer that He is a liar), it still feels that way nonetheless. We justify that if there is no sin that hinders our finances, then either God isn’t listening, or is ignoring our requests. This brings us to the question of why.

If scripture tells us that God will never leave nor forsake us, then we aren’t being ignored or going unheard. As tough as it is, why do our pleas keep continuing?

The next part of the equation comes with evaluating a variety of factors that we will include in this issue. One of the main facets is whether we are being good stewards of our resources. The second is whether we are asking for a want vs need.

What Does Scripture Say?

Scripture tells us that God provides for all of our needs. In this issue, we outline what constitutes as a need versus a want, why we may be going through financial difficulties, what to do when we have no answers for our challenges, and how to successfully make it through to the victory when you just plain don’t understand.

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