Cutting (Self-Injury) Effects 23% Of Teens Aged 12-14


Cutting, or self-injury is sadness/depression turned inward.  It is the inability to process the emotions that are going on, and cutting oneself becomes an outlet to release inward pain. Cutting most often occurs in teens between the ages of 12-14 years of age.  1 out of 5 teens, according to Psychology Today, report that they…

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Upperroom Moments Is Designed To Give Listeners An "Acts" Experience


UPPERROOM – “Moments” With the release of their third recording, “UPPERROOM” proves why they are the worship band no one has heard of that everyone needs to. UPPERROOM independently releases “Moments” with worldwide distribution by Fuel Music. Among the tracts on this 5 song EP is “Surrounded” (Fight My Battles), a song that was recorded…

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Spirit of Discernment, Wisdom, Or Is it Just Me?

What is in Operation, and How What Does God Want Me to Do? We have heard of a spirit of discernment and a spirit of wisdom, but many Christians confuse the two.  A spirit of discernment is able to discern which spirit is in operation in a person: is is godly, demonic, or just the…

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Canadians Can Now Enjoy Faith and Family Friendly Movies With PureFlix


PureFlix, a leader in faith and family streaming video entertainment, recently announced they will be expanding into Canada with its partnership with Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (CCCI) This new expansion will provide almost 4,000 titles to Canadians including original content, movies, TV shows, documentaries and age-appropriate kid’s programming.  All titles are designed for families looking…

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