What did John the Baptist mean by baptizing people with Holy Spirit fire?

All believers understand what baptism means- it is the outward declaration of your salvation in Christ.  However, not many people understand what the Bible meant when John the Baptist baptized believers with Holy Spirit fire.

Some Christians reference speaking in tongues on the day of Pentecost as an example of Holy Spirit fire.  They extrapolate this to exemplify a fire burning brightly in a person who is passionate about Christ- that a fire (the Holy Spirit) is burning brightly within them.  However, was this what John the Baptist meant?

Others feel that it is a reference to the Holy Spirit (who is described as fire) descending on the day of Pentecost, and receiving the Holy Spirit is being baptized by fire.

Then there is the reference in 1 Thessalonians 5:19 which describes that believers are not to quench the Spirit.  It is also used in conjunction to a belief that being baptized with Holy Spirit fire purifies a believer from evil.

Yet another interpretation is found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke referencing judgement (Matthew 3:7-12 and Luke 3:7-17).  References are found to Jesus coming down as a flaming fire to judge those who are unsaved.

Does the reference to “Holy Spirit fire” mean that we are to preach the gospel with zeal and passion- as if on “fire” for Christ?  Is it the descending of the Holy Spirit into a believer when he/she is baptized (evidenced by speaking in tongues, gifts of the Spirit, and prophecy)?  Maybe it’s God purifying or burning off all characteristics that are not pleasing to Him in His children, or it could be referencing judgement.

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