Unsinkable Faith: God Filled Strategies to Transform the Way You Think, Feel, and Live

Author: Tracie Miles

Cost: $16.99 (US)


 How is your faith?

Most of us would answer, fine.  However, if you have ever meditated on a negative thought for longer than a second without taking it captive, your faith may need improvement.

Most of us do not realize that we stew in a sea of negativity.  Negativity is all around us, and often is justified as “critical thinking” or “discernment”.  We tend not to use words such as judgmental, critical, negative, toxic, or bitter to describe ourselves- and yet we fall unknowingly into this pattern.

Unsinkable Faith challenges readers to examine their thought process and identify causes of negative thinking.  It teaches you to not be lead by emotions, but to control your emotions by what you choose to mediate on.  Unsinkable Faith describes what happens to our future when we choose to allow negative thoughts to invade our thought life, and how it often erodes our self-worth with lies from the enemy.

Additionally, readers are taught how to identify negative thought patterns and beliefs.  Tracie Miles instructs readers to take their negative self-talk (we all are guilty of this!) and take it to the Bible.  She encourages readers through questions and scripture to see who God says you are, and how, in turn, to use those same scriptures to combat the negative thoughts that Satan bombards our minds with.

She instructs you as to how to change your thinking, and to see yourself as God sees you.  Tracie also talks about how to handle negative people and situations that you might be faced with in a very realistic way.  She also teaches you how to life a life filled with peace and joy going forward.


The book was extremely helpful in taking the reader on a seamless journey from negativity, to self-reflection, to scripture, to victory.  She never says that the journey is easy, but she does encourage you to know that it is worthwhile.

I enjoyed the questions at the end of the chapter as it gave pause for self-reflection.  They weren’t easy questions, but caused the reader to look deeper into themselves as to the cause of their negativity, and to identifying thought patterns.  It also teaches you how to deal with negative words and situations from your past and to come to peace with them.

The most impressive is that she encourages readers to take everything back to the Bible.  She encourages you to take a negative thought or situation, and to claim God’s victory over it.  She challenges you to discover who God says you are, and she also includes scripture of her own to help you along.

Negatives (ish):

The book itself is really directed at women.  If you are a woman, then the book is extremely relatable and will make you feels as if the author deeply understands and cares about you.

However, if you are a male, you may receive glimmers and helpful advice, but it may seem somewhat unrelatable.

Overall, I would highly recommend reading this book.  It has transformed by own thought process (and I didn’t think that I was that negative to begin with!), and place you on a journey filled with hope, peace and love.  At the end, you will experience an unspeakable joy that Satan has tried to steal from you, and you will feel more refreshed and energized.  Negativity strips you of your peace and saps your energy.  God’s peace is effortless.

Moreover, it teaches you to rely on God and to relinquish control.  God is in control of our lives- not us.  God will also help guide us through every unpleasant situation.  He will give us wisdom as to how to handle things when we actively seek Him, and engage in a conversation with Him.

If you struggle with negativity (or are surrounded by it), suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, bitterness or low-self worth, then Unsinkable Faith will break these bondages and lead you to victory.

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