For some, letting go of past hurts can be challenging in a relationship.  Your closest friends and relatives constantly tell you to “forgive and forget”, but the pain is sometimes so deep that every time you think that you’ve moved on you discover that you haven’t – the hurt just keeps resurfacing.
With that hurt comes a flood of emotions ranging from tears to anger, depending on the individual.  It is as if you are reliving the entire event over again.  Then the condemnation comes in making you wonder if you forgave your spouse fully in the first place.
You sadly come to the realization that forgive and forget was easier said than done.  Then, you begin to wonder if you will ever get over it or be ensnared in this trap forever.
The answer is no, you won’t be ensnared forever, however there is a process you need to go through.  The reason that you may not be able to let go of the emotion is that in an attempt to move on, you may have meditated it on too long- you let the injustice simmer, you thought about it too much, it played continually over in your mind- until a root of bitterness or resentment began to take place.
Scripture warns us not to let the sun do down on our anger for a reason: unresolved issues and anger begin to take root in our hearts if they are not dealt with.  Satan has a way of weasling in and messing with our minds until a root of bitterness forms.  When bitterness forms, our hearts harden- to our spouse and eventually it can be God.
So how do you “root” it out?  Learn more about how to let go of the past and uproot bitterness in our February issue.  In it, we will discuss what to do when your spouse upsets you, how to communicate properly, resolve issues, and how to move on.  We will teach you how to heal and resolve past hurts in a loving way.  You will also discover how to soften a hardened heart so that you can turn towards  your spouse again and strengthen your marriage.
Our February issue will be released January 26, 2017.

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