Interview with producer and grandson of late Tim LaHaye in our September issue.

Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation is based on the New York Times best-selling book series by Jerry Jenkins and co-written by the late Tim LaHaye.
Vanished has been described as a “fresh and modern coming of age during the apocalypse” story ideal for teens, tweens and YA fans.  Vanished asks the question: What would happen if everyone you cared about was suddenly taken away?.
Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation is coming out on September 28th only for an exclusive premiere event.

The Synopsis

When a billion people globally suddenly vanish, determined 15 year old Gabby is catapulted into adulthood before her time.  This event forces Gabby along with her younger sister, Claire and two teen boys Josh and Flynn who are vying for Gabby’s affection, are trying to determine what has transpired, and how they can now fit into this dangerous new world.
Girls will relate to Gabby’s character as she struggles to deal with missing parents and being a big sister.  They will wish they were in her shoes as she struggles with following a relationship with all-American boy Josh, and the mysterious Flynn.
Boys will be drawn into the suspense and plot twists on the “end of the world adventure”.
Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation opens up the questions of what is our calling, and explores whether their lives and choices do indeed matter.
Faith Filled Family interviewed Randy LaHaye who is the producer of the series, and grandson of Tim LaHaye.  Randy speaks about his personal reflections and the impact of this project on the viewing audience.
This interview will be in our September issue coming out on August 26th.

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