In previous years, addictions mean that an individual was in bondage to gambling, drugs, or alcohol.  Today, it is anything that a person does to excess that interferes with proper balance of life.  For example, while many men feel the strong need to provide financially for their family.  However, some work to excess with the justification that it’s only until that next promotion- then they can enjoy life.  Yet the next promotion comes, they work harder, and wonder why the family is no longer around.  This is an example of an addiction.
Addictions don’t only hurt the home, but hurt God as well.  To know God is to realize that it is God who promotes.  While God wants us to work hard, He doesn’t want it to be at the expense of our families.  That is an example of a person who is not balanced in their priorities.  Worse yet is when work or a weekend golf game or shopping sprees becomes a way of escaping responsibilities.  Yet addictions hurt God as well as the addiction exalts itself above God in a person’s life.  Then it crosses over into idolatry.
It is difficult for a spouse to watch a person succumb to any addiction- whether is is gambling, alcohol, drugs, employment, etc.  Spouses tend to feel ignored, left out, and rejected- albeit usually unintentionally.  So what can you do in this situation?
This article will place an emphasis on first discussing the situation with your spouse.  Second, if they don’t listen/refuse to change, taking it up in prayer to God.  God knows us better than anyone because He created us.  He can also bring about change, but it may also be letting go and letting God take over.  It will walk you through what to do.  It will leave you with a sense of empowerment, and being uplifted.
Most of all, it will bring you into victory.
Our next issue entitled, “The Road to Victory in Hard Times” will be available on June 26th.

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