A war veteran, Jesse, becomes a community outreach leader after being hired by the pastor to attract new members to their church.  Yet, in the heart of a hopeless Philadelphia neighborhood, choking from poverty and low expectations, the two have different ideas of how to reach out. The veteran uses unconventional and nontraditional tactics, which begin to make the church uncomfortable, though he proves to be on to something. But in the middle of planting seeds of hope, he cannot ignore the elephant in the room.  Or rather, the giant across the street: an abortion clinic.  And so begins the story of how he almost loses everything in order to save the voiceless.  Meanwhile, the church struggles to find its voice.


Perhaps you’ve seen this play out at your church.  Someone has an idea about how to win souls, but the members want to do it in the way that will produce the least amount of friction.  I applaud Voiceless because it not only draws attention to this very thing (the voice of the church is suppressed because people feel uncomfortable about rocking the boat), but also challenges the church. From a scriptural context, we have witnessed powerful truths about what happens when you step out of your comfort zone.  When you find a new way to fight.  And best of all, Jesse and the church are inspired to find a new way to fight a hot-button issue.




Voiceless is also thought-provoking for those of us who find ourselves in similarly situations.  What would you do if you lived across the street from poverty? Or gun violence? Or drugs? Or anything else that stands to steal, kill, and destroy the very essence of hope, peace, love, and joy? Would you sit blindly or in silence? Or would you step out boldly to the call? For the former reason (as depicted in the movie), many have drawn away from the church.  The church must practice what it preaches.  Which brings me to this: Voiceless challenges viewers to recognize that the stuff that stares us right in the face could be our greatest call. Or a purpose.  In the end, finding their voice grows the church in a way they could have never imagined.
Voiceless is a family friendly movie and one that offers many takeaways to motivate action among the body of Christ.
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