Want to Impact the World?

Our April issue has finally hit the bookshelves and boy, is it impactful!

This issue discusses The Great Commission and spreading the gospel throughout the nations- Just as Jesus commanded us to do!

Learn about how to bring others to salvation, and how to be bold in your faith.  We discuss issues such as:

  • Are Christians too Passive in their Faith?
  • What is the Rapture?  What Happens to Believers and Unbelievers?
  • What is Hell?  How Can I Avoid it?
  • How do I Minister to an Atheist or Agnostic?
  • What is a Cult and How Can I Identify One?
  • Mission Trip: Am I Called?
  • Can I Really Change/Make an Impact on the World?
  • What about the Next Generation?

Plus interviews with author Jennifer Ball, The Drop Box Director, Brian Ivie, Pete Sulack from Unhealthy Anonymous, Fireflight and their new album, Innova, plus reviews on your favorite artists and movies!

This issue will leave you feeling empowered, bold and strong in your faith!  It will, indeed prepare you for The Great Commission!

Please share with those who need to hear the good news of Christ and watch their lives be transformed!