There is a war waging daily, minute by minute, for your children’s soul.  You may not see it as a war, at the time, but it does exist.  We convince ourselves that popular movies or television shows are purely fantasy that will spark our children’s imaginations when in reality they are demonic or occult based.  These forms of entertainment are creeping into and having an effect on the innocence and purity of our children.  In the end, it has an effect on their soul.  However, we are not stopping it.  It has become easier to plunk our children in front of television sets or video games filled with demonic activities such as zombies, witches, warlocks, or ghosts rather than provide them with pure, godly entertainment- or maybe none at all.  We do have a choice to turn off all electronic devices and let our children’s imaginations take flight- it’s what many of us did growing up.

If you think that entertainment with fairies, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, sorcery, magic and the like don’t have an effect on your children, they you are deceiving yourself and putting them in danger.  You can teach them that it’s just “pretend”, but ghosts, sorcery, magic, and all occult practices are real and manipulated by no other than Satan himself.  What you are putting into them is not of God, and does have an effect on their soul- a very negative one.

A Real Life Example

soulThere was a girl named Carol (not actual name), and as a child she was allowed to watch shows such as The Smurfs, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones including the episodes with Gizmo the Great, and many shows that contained elements of magic or sorcery.  She played out these scenes happily in her play pretending that she was the one that had the power to make whatever she wanted happen with her magic wand.  Daytime was pleasant for her- full of imagination- but nighttime was a different story.

Sleep was disturbed by very active nightmares of black shadowy figures torturing her.  She could see their shadowy figures all about her room, and even in the daytime she could sense their presence around her.  There were nights where she would wake up screaming feeling as if something was hurting her, and at one time she demanded that all of her beloved stuffed animals be removed from the room.

Some might say that there was some trauma in her life, or cite mental illness, however, none of that existed in her life.  At the time, there was no stress at home or school to trigger an episode.  Just a bunch of bad dreams and what her parents called, “an active imagination”.

Her parents reassured her, as many parents do, that there are no such things as ghosts, and to go back to sleep.  They were right- there are no such things as ghosts, but there is such a thing as a demon and demonic activity.  This was what Carol was experiencing and seeing through her innocent eyes.

Carol didn’t know that she wasn’t supposed to see demons- she just did.  Carol also had visions of the future that often happened.  She didn’t know why.  Television told her that these types of dreams came from a special power called premonitions.

Only Carol’s father attended church.  Carol’s mother elected to stay at home on Sundays, although Carol never understood why.  Carol begged to go to Sunday school, but was refused each Sunday.  Carol didn’t know why she wanted to go to Sunday school- none of her friends ever mentioned church or God- but Carol just had a burning desire inside of her to attend.

Instead, Carol spent her Sundays much like her Saturdays, quietly watching television.  However, instead of her usual cartoons, she watched church shows instead.  She remembers to this day the beautiful hymns sung by people who seemed to almost glow.

Each Sunday, she asked her father to let her go to Sunday school, and in grade three, he finally relented.  Carol attended Sunday school for the first time.

In Sunday school, Carol heard a lot about baptism and wanted to be baptized.  Again, her parents didn’t offer their approval citing that they wanted her to choose what religion she wanted to be when she got older.  Yet all Carol knew was that she wanted to be sure that she was going to Heaven to be with Jesus when she died.

While attending Sunday school, the violent dreams stopped altogether.  Sleep was deep and peaceful.  Carol still saw demons, but never mentioned them since they didn’t exist- or so she had been told.  Eventually, she stopped seeing them altogether because she believed that they weren’t real, and she wasn’t supposed to be seeing such things- she was growing up.

It was about this time that she was entering Junior High, and in Junior High, Christianity wasn’t cool.  She still went to church, but hardly heard what was being said because she didn’t want to- it wasn’t cool.  God was still calling her to Him, though, as many of the sermons touched her.  However, eventually occult activity that was deemed as harmless and horror movies took over.  She was told that they were just for fun too.

Carol really wasn’t equipped to defend her faith, nor did she know why she believed what she believed.  She fell away from the church and into the occult.  She didn’t know it was the occult though, at the time.  It was just what her friends called “fun”.  They played with the ouija board at slumber parties, and scared each other with ghost stories.  Eventually, this lead the way in her later teens to dabbling in witchcraft, tarrot cards, fortune telling, and all sorts of occult activity.  Carol wanted to know what her future held.  Carol loved being scared by the latest horror movie, and the scarier the better.  She began devouring books written by Stephen King -all rooted in the paranormal and all eroding her soul.

The ability to see demons reoccured, and at first it was cool because it was like she had some special power to see them- like in the movies.  They were very real- so real, in fact, that she had vivid nightmares of demons swirling around her torturing her and hearing the gnashing of their teeth.  She would awaken covered in sweat and screaming terrified by the dream.

Her life continued this way until she encountered Jesus in a very real way during a play.  Hell and the possibility of going there was very real to Carol.  She didn’t want to go there, and just like her as a small child, a part of her was screaming out to know Christ.  She wanted to go to Heaven when she died.

Carol, now an adult, gave her life to Christ, and her life turned right around.  She got rid of the horror movies, the books, the witchcraft, tarrot cards, and anything related to the occult.  The demonic dreams stopped as she grew in the Word.  As she grew and matured in her understanding, she learned that what she thought were ghosts were demons, and she learned her authority over them.  They could no longer torture her.  Predictions about the future became visions, and she began to once again experience Word of Knowledge.

God revealed His plan to her, and showed her what her future held.  It was a future of glorifying Him, and of giving people the knowledge of a victorious life in God.  She learned she was created to make a difference and influence people for God.  She wanted to give them hope and encouragement.

Carol became a publisher of a monthly Christian publication, and God helped her to become successful.  She lives out His plan with joy every morning.  Carol loves what she does and the impact that it makes.  She loves her team, and she spends every morning with God.

Carol is myself, and this is my testimony.

If you think what your kids are watching won’t affect their soul, then you are wrong.  Just watch their play and vocabulary.  Children are too innocent, and need to be protected from the enemy- we can’t let Him gain a foothold!  It is up to us to protect our children’s souls and teach them to guard their hearts.  Satan, as you can see, creeps into our children in subtle ways and influences another generation to be far from God.  Don’t let this happen to your kids!

While my story had a happy ending, there are many people that still don’t know God.  Many people out there are also engaged in occult activity not knowing why certain things are happening to them.  Don’t loose your children to Satan who will rob them of a wonderful, joyful, destiny!  Their souls are precious!  If you truly want the BEST for your children, teach them about God.  The result will be: joy, peace, having a plan for their life, divine health and healing, love, blessings, prosperity in all forms, etc.  If they follow Satan, they are sure to be headed towards destruction.

Love your children enough to point them towards their Creator, and if they follow Him they will never fail.


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