Wearing Masks: Socially Responsible Or Not Applicable?

Despite a trend trying to make face masks a fashion statement, most people are not buying it- figuratively and literally. As coronavirus begins to become long in the tooth, no one wants to wear a face mask. I get it. Protests are being held against their usage. “Why should we comply?” people ask. To wear one or not? Well, let’s explore this thought in its entirety.

Masks are Unnecessary/I won’t catch it.

There are numerous protests going on in an attempt to abolish wearing masks. Not everyone obeys social distancing. Nor does everyone wear a mask. The train of thought, among those that refuse to wear it, is that they won’t catch COVID-19. People rationalize that it’s not as bad as portrayed since symptoms can vary.


Originally, the elderly were warned against this disease. Many seniors are susceptible to coronavirus because of a weakened immune system due to pre-existing health concerns. They are the most at-risk for hospital stays as the virus can hit them the hardest. While seniors may receive the severity of the disease, in some countries they aren’t the ones being infected.

In Canada, the majority of those infected are the 20-29 age group. The number is Europe average in the forties. North America averages about late-thirties, while Asia is 32. Oceana and Latin America have a mean age of 32 while Africa is 20.

It appears as if it isn’t always the elderly who are coming down with it- they are just the ones most impacted by it.

Why the trend towards 20-35ish?

It may not have started off this way since we were all initially in lockdown. However, now there appears to be a rebellion towards wearing face masks. School children are said to be the least likely to come down with COVID-19. Yet, back to school appears to dictate otherwise. And if these kids aren’t getting sick, they could be asymptomatic.

Teens and young adults do not want to wear the masks. Many teens feel that they won’t come down with coronavirus- that it doesn’t pertain to them. They feel if they get sick, it will be mild. Yet there is no thought to those kids who have asthma, heart issues, breathing issues, or cancer. These kids are the most at-risk for complications.

Some young adults don’t feel the need to wear masks. They will be just fine. They are young and healthy. It won’t impact them, and if it does, they can fight it off. But what about if you are pregnant? What about that baby? Or what about someone around you who many be pregnant? What about their health.

It may be fine to disregard your own health and safety. Most people don’t find the 1-5% to be that impactful. They call the stats a “scare tactic”- that things aren’t really that serious. It may not be serious to you, and maybe you can fight it off. But what about your elderly parents or grandparents? Aren’t their health worth preserving? How would you feel if your grandparents came down with COVID-19 because of you, and you had to watch them gasp everyday for breath not knowing if they will make it or not?

Are You being selfish?

What about that friend who has health issues that make them susceptible? You might not even know that they have asthma, or high blood pressure. They may have undiagnosed cancer. What about them?

What about that mom who doesn’t even know she’s pregnant yet? How do you think dehydration from vomiting, fever, chills and coughing will effect that unborn child? That’s why most moms-to-be are advised to get flu shots and to avoid contagious diseases.

You may not like wearing a mask, but as a parent, I don’t want my children to get sick. No one likes staying at home on quarantine, or not being able to go to work. No one likes worrying about finding a sitter because their children can’t go to school, but yet they have to work. Or watching your business slowly close because of restrictions.

How we can avoid all of this and kill this virus once and for all is by being responsible. View social distancing as saving lives- not as an imposition. After all, if your parent/grandparent became very sick because of someone else’s negligence and died, how would you feel?

You want to go outside? What about see your friends? Go back to church? See the family for Thanksgiving? Wear a mask, if these things are important to you.

My Faith will keep me healthy

Is it faith or foolishness? Not wearing a mask, and claiming that God will protect you is foolishness. Scripture warns us not to test God, and that is exactly what you are doing. It is the equivalent of setting fire to your house and believing that God will send rain to save it. After all, you prayed protection around the house. God will save it, in Jesus’ name!

Then you cry out to God in anguish that your house burned down. “Why didn’t you save it, God?” You ask. “You promised that you would protect me.”

Yet God doesn’t protect against foolishness. We are called to exercise wisdom in every situation. Not wearing a mask is not using wisdom. Wisdom says that even though God will protect me, I should still wear a mask out of consideration to those around me. Even though I pray divine health and healing, I may still get sick. I don’t want someone else to suffer because of me.

Wearing a mask isn’t foolish. It is responsible. We’ve seen community transmissions. People have maliciously spread the disease. You can believe that you won’t get sick, and perhaps you won’t. However, do you really want to take that chance? The risks not only to yourself and your family are great, but to those who are very high risk as well.

God commanded us to take care of each other. Are we obeying this if we are negligent in wearing our masks? Are we using wisdom by not wearing them? Ultimately, what would God want you to do? How would He want you to operate?

Too much foolishness caused the spread of coronavirus. Not it is up to us to eliminate the disease as much as possible. If you want your freedom back, it is up to you to do the responsible thing- ALL of you.

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